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Welcome to the Authors Lounge! Here goes my book and what I believe in.

People even in their own religions will fight on certain topics.  Learning how to fight, love anyway and walk away regardless is an art in its self.  I have children I do not agree with.  You can’t make a person see things your way.  But I have found that if I can gain common ground with a mutual understanding and connect the friendship can develop from there.  I was not a believer because of my Dad either, though he was an influence.  We did disagree on subjects.  I was the child who wanted to know why?  I am still asking why?  I will go beyond others to understand why?  I don’t trust anyone, or think of them as GOD on earth to tell me the real answer to why either.  I read the Bible, pray, research, study, and write.  When I started comparing what happened in the New Testament to what those of the Old Testament were to be looking for to happen, I understood why they believed in Jesus.  I also understand why he was a disappointment in a way for being crucified.  Those who knew his power could not understand the why GOD would allow him to be crucified.  If you read how those who believed died, this would not be a path other people would want to take.  Today many are attracted to the wonderful things said about being good in the way a Christian is to be.  But if GOD allowed them to be hurt in the way Job was, could you still not blame but honor God anyway?  It’s easier if you are aware of how many ways you failed to be right with GOD, that you would not want on display.  Thus the “Prodigal Son” who came home, who was returned to his place in the family, had good reason to honor his renewed place.  But I could see how the one who held fast to not breaking all the rules but served GOD as told, if they lost so much protected and blessed to them, many would therein fall away from serving GOD.  I understand why Mohammed did what he did seeing the power that those who followed Jesus had.  The problem is that he and the resulting Imams were given the power of God to offer more than they had the right in power to give.  But the Christian within their own religions have also done the same.  Man is wood by Satan to become the power on their own without God HIS help.  Lucifer was at one time the most powerful angle in the kingdom of GOD.  His power exists here as well. 

As the Queen of the South I have to warn both types who decide to serve GOD.  Blasphemy is a step away.  The Devil will gain both types who are not on guard.  There’s no protection here, except for the purpose of others to be saved.  This is not heaven, nor the ever-lasting.  We are tested, and most of us fail.  How to stop failing and focus on what the Holy Spirit wants of us, while here, is difficult with all the distractions Lucifer dishes out.  I have failed, but I have another chance to do things right.  So do you.  Because you are listening to what the Holy Spirit gives me to say.  I pray I make it into GOD HIS Kingdom, but he decides about this when I arrive before him on the Judgment Day.  No one can be sure except by pray and dedication to remain part of HIS kingdom to come.  What I do now and here forward makes a difference.  You as well.  We are all tested to be the family of Jesus or not.  Our sin can be forgiven and forgotten.  So what a person has done, doesn’t determine whether or not God is who they serve.  What they do now determines this.  Paul as Saul murdered people who were believers in GOD, but he became a prophet for Jesus.  Judge a sinner, and you WILL BE JUDGED FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WRONG TOO.  Remember how the one child who did not cover the drunken behavior of his father, but told others about it was cursed for it (In the Bible)?  We are to cover the sin, and pray for the salvation of the person, not gossip or share it.  They are not the example of what not to do for our salvation. 

I was given permission and instruction to make this symbol for peace in the Star of Jesus, as a warning against all forms of idolatry, to SAVE AS MANY AS WOULD BELIEVE IN JESUS.  THIS WAS WHY GOD TOLD US NOT TO HAVE ANY OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM.  THIS INCLUDES JOB, MONEY, LOVES, ADDICTIONS, RELIGION, GOVERNMENT, AND CULTURE.  This life ends, and all we have here, is gone when we leave.  We don’t take it with us.  We only take what we did here with us. 

The Star of Jesus calls all people no matter their race, religion, culture, government, loves. or job…. To serve our maker and return to HIM.  This symbol relates first to those in the Middles East as Jesu will return there, to complete what is predicted to happen.  But there is a connect to all people worldwide as a calling to return to the love in GOD.  This sign will be used to bring many back into the fold of love from GOD for HIS salvation.

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