Jason Lamberts’ “Strange Things Happen in Life.”

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Hi to all, hope you are all well.

I want to mention a little about my book, “Strange Things Happen in Life.” You may have seen a little about the book online or may have brought it, either way, I want to give you a little preview for book 2, “Strange Things Happen in Life, part 2.”

As the fans may know, part 1 is about a community pulling together when disaster strikes. They band together as one and support each other in every way to fix the situation ahead no matter the loses or outcome they face, as a neighbourhood should do, rather a disaster strikes or not.

As a good neighborhood is a peaceful one in the way everyone should be able to live.

The story line for book 1 shows in the story of neighbourhood team work and no matter color, race, or religion they all work as one.

As everyone likes to sleep well at night knowing that they are safe in their own homes, and when a disaster strikes no one is alone, every body is there in time of need.

Also book 1 has a self help section after the story to help everyone understand in real life we can all pull together to help where we can. We can do things for others in need.

Now book 2 is different. This one is a out possitiveness, there is always hope. Book 2 continues from where book 1 ends, not knowing if the neighbourhood survives disaster, and if every thing returns to normal. All I will say is the team work continues.

The reason I became an author to help others in many ways two examples of many are, 1. You can achieve anything you want in life if you put your heart and soul into it. 2. Show that when everyone pulls together no matter who you are, rich or poor, together we can make the world a better place for all through the good times and bad times. No one should be alone in life young or old.

Remember team work can go along way doesnt cost anything, to spare a little time for others in need no matter what the situation maybe. As I can promise you feel great, as I do, helping others in need.

Life changes each and everyday we may not notice it but it is, that is why it is never to late and it is free so why not give it a try and see how it makes you feel great knowing you made someone smile or even made someones life easier. I have always said do something good in life and you will be rewarded in life.

The meaning of this is do good things for others in life and they will do good things for you when you least expect it.


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