It Is What It Is by Maureen Edwards

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Downtrodden Georgie, the passionate and dedicated new teacher at Eden Hills Middle School, fights to prove her worth against the self-centered vice-principal, Jose, who appears to have his own reasons for wanting her to fail. Georgie also fights other shocking, unexpected issues in her life. Despite Georgie’s setbacks, she is supported on all sides by many caring educators, especially her mentor teacher, Alex.

However, all is not as it seems with the sweet and charming veteran technology teacher. Georgie finds herself slowly growing to admire Alex, drawing ever closer to him. As she stumbles upon secrets and scandals, will they have lasting repercussions? Is all hope lost? Only time will tell.

Introducing It Is What It Is to Potential Rewards

My debut novel, IT IS WHAT IT IS, takes the reader on a journey into the demanding, exciting, and creative world of teaching and gives an unexpected, frightening vision.The story incorporates the delights and pressures of teaching, mixing it up with some adventure, romance, and a touch of fear.

Twenty-five years in education as a teacher and administrator inspired the story. The novel sheds light on the day-to-day aspects of a teacher’s life, especially relationships between Georgie Nelson and mentor teacher, special education teacher, school nurse, principal,vice-principal, and superintendent. Educators, nurses, parents, and aspiring educators are the target audience. The novel also raises awareness about Neuroendocrine Cancer, a rare and uncommon cancer type.

Teaching and writing have always been a passion. Taking Irish Literature courses at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, and creative writing courses at The New School in New York City provided a solid foundation; however, teaching was my first love.

I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education from The Catholic University of America, a master’s degree in developmental and educational psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, a master’s degree in special education from New Jersey City University, and a doctorate of education from Fordham University.

How Did You Start Writing Your Debut Novel?

When I began to focus on writing IT IS WHAT IT IS, I joined the Alliance of Independent Authors (Alli). The organization provided me with support, guidance, and resources which helped tremendously in writing. Ongoing communication with authors, writers, editors, book designers all helped me navigate the process of self-publishing.

Finding a mentor was pivotal in turning my manuscript into a novel. Connecting with other authors within the organization has led to new global friendships and support systems.

I intend to continue writing stories about educators and the ethical, moral challenges they face. Julia Bradley, the school principal, is an interesting character to focus on in the future. Perhaps there will be many other stories created to reacquaint readers with beloved characters from IT IS WHAT IT IS.

In the coming weeks, I am thrilled to share two short stories, “A Monster Under the Bed”and “Visiting Wonderland,” in a Young Adult book of short stories. It is an honor for the pieces to be chosen since they focus on students.I can’t wait to share the stories with readers!

What have You Been Busy About Lately?

Recently, I have had fabulous opportunities to meet with readers in different ways. One heart-warming experience was returning to my high school, St. Dominic Academy, an all-girls catholic school in New Jersey, to donate a set of books for the students and teaching staff to enjoy. Giving back to the place that provided me with such a great writing foundation was essential to me.

Several Zoom interviews and book club discussions have helped me engage with readers virtually. Each event helps me connect with my readers, and I look forward to their comments and feedback!

With exposure in the Authors’ Lounge, I hope new readers will embrace my characters and stories. IT IS WHAT IT IS is available on Amazon.

My website,, provides reviews of the novel and additional information to contact me directly.


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