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In the Shadow of God’s Love is written from my heart it speaks of my intimate relationship with God, through what one friend described, as love letters to God. It comes from all kinds of life situations happy, joyous, sad, funny, and tragic times and my hope in God in all things. I am grateful I may share this in Authors’ Lounge. There are two sections to my book. The first section is divided into four parts and deals with living life walking with God amid human struggles and joys showing the unchangeable character of God and His promises to us in all our situations. It is written in deep, insightful verse that causes one to think. Most of these verses do not rhyme.

The lines “rhyme” as their message relates to other lines like the way the Psalms are written. Some verses are scriptures woven together bringing a message of hope. The second section of the book is more personal. It consists of three parts. The first part has short stories about ways God met my family and me in all kinds of situations. It’s not about us, but about how God worked in our lives. Some stories are funny. There are a few poems in this section as well. The second part is poems written while spending time in my meadow and how God speaks and shows His character through nature. The final part is also about being in nature. It takes place in special woods, Kokiwanee that has been part of my life since I was three.

The front and back cover photos were taken at Kokiwanee. There is something for everyone in this book. I am grateful many have been blessed by this book. I hope the readers of Authors’ Lounge will be blessed. I never set out to write a book, although since I was a child I always wanted to write one. All I did was write one poem at a time and shared it with friends, and then another one and another one. People started to tell me I should publish them. Because of their encouragement this book came to be. Writing came naturally to me as writers aren’t created but born. I wrote my first story when I was seven, wrote and directed a play when I was ten, and penned a novel when I was twelve.

In high school, I was on the school newspaper where I had a good journalism teacher. At that point my writing became more journalistic in nature. I wrote the feature for all the eleven years of the publication Hoosier Heritage Magazine. I presently write for White Tops, a professional circus magazine with a worldwide circulation. I write about the Peru, Indiana youth circus, an international aware winning youth circus comprised of youth who live only in Miami County, Indiana near my home.

Writing poetry was something I thought I couldn’t do, but one day in late 1996, wanting to explain to a friend I was snowed in and couldn’t come to visit, I set out to write something funny that rhymed. When I completed my ditty, to my surprise, it was a good poem! From then poems started pouring out of me. I discovered I could convey through poetry a deeper understanding of life than can be expressed any other way. People tell me they grasp my meaning as well as visual what I am describing clearly. My hope and desire is to bless more people with these poems and stories God gave to me to write down. Thank you for this opportunity to post on Authors’ Lounge. Leelia Cornell

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