Ideal Children’s Books to Read in the Upcoming New Year

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We are already close to the end of this roller-coaster year. 2020 has really brought a lot of challenges, as well as rays of hope and silver linings. For the literary community, there were adjustments made to ensure the safety of every bookworm, author, and other important figures. However, the learning and entertainment of the readers were never halted — even in the middle of the pandemic, because books really did a great job in keeping them engaged and entertained.

There are many genres of books that make the hearts of each bookworm warm and giddy, and children’s literature is one of those. So, you may now update your 2021 reading list now because here are the best children’s books that you should never miss reading!

The Song of Solomon the Snail by Caroleann Rice

The debut book of promising author Caroleann Rice was published in 2017 by Xulon Press. The book centers on Solomon Snail as he journey to become a clever and all-knowing creature. Solomon carried his home on his back and went into it to question his buddy, the Mighty Wondrous Voice of Love that lives in him, on what to do to acquire the solutions to the challenges and difficulties of all his life. When he started his journey one day, he is moving very slow. He started singing, as he would always do. He is also mindful on his path in order to avoid stumbling rocks or holes on his way; hence, he is moving slowly. Holes are terrifying to snails. That’s why they always say, “so watch out for trouble.”

Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift by Janet Councilman

Sammie the Shark and the Return of the Lost Gift is the best book to read if you are fond of marine creatures. It is written by Janet Councilman and was published by Covenant Books, Inc. in 2019. It follows the story of a shark named Sammie who is enjoying his swim and doing his thing, when he suddenly noticed a shiny thing at the bottom of the ocean. He circled on the object and saw Ollie, an octopus, who also glued his eyes to sparkly thing and is already near to it. Sammie started to divert the attention of Ollie, making Sammie to be the one to find what that shiny thing really is.

A Kids Life: Loving, Learning, Growing by Alana Konieczka

Published in 2019, this children’s book by Alana Konieczka is the best one to read when you want to remind yourself or teach kids about bullying. Moreover, it is an anthology that aims to keep its intended readers entertained. Most of the tales, including Grandma’s Magic Pants or Me and My Dog, are intended to attract children. Some of the stories also attempt to gently teach people valuable lessons, such as bullying is never okay, it can be difficult to attend a new school, and avoid judging people based on their physical appearance. This book really helps not just children but also adults to become a good and responsible person.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Written by the author of the popular How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Lorax, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is another spectacular children’s book by Dr. Seuss that was published in 1990. It uses second person point of view, which makes it more engaging to the readers.  It features particular characters, which includes a narrator and what they referred to as “the reader.” It has a lot of different characters, including a narrator and a “the reader” The plot of the tale is driven by a young child, referred to merely as “you”; the inclusion of a central character allows readers to connect with the tale.

Children’s books are, indeed, the most versatile kind. They can be read by readers of all-ages and all-yearlong because of its magnificent and substantial tales. What are you waiting for? Start listing these amazing titles on your to-be-read list now!


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