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Young and old, many of us love superheroes. My book is intended to show young children that a superhero can be so much more. We have so many superheroes among us every day and I hope this book inspires children to grow up know that they can become one of them.

When the world was hit with the COVID19 epidemic I do not think any one of us thought it would last this long.. Then the realization of how serious the epidemic would change the lives of so many hit us all. Jobs have been lost, businesses have had to close and we have come to realize how important so many of these jobs, that some of us may have taken for granted for so long, helped us to continue our lives with some kind of normalcy during this epidemic, From jobs in the medical field, police, firemen, school teachers, grocery stores, sanitation workers, cleaners, farmers, construction workers and so many more are appreciated even more than they have been in the past, as each of them has put their lives in danger to help us all in so many ways. Suddenly, these first responders and essential workers have become our superheroes, as they have gone beyond our expectations to help everyone in every way possible

Being a fairly new published author of 5 books, three of them being for children, I was inspired to write this book, after seeing as well as learning so much about our daily superheroes since the COVID19 epidemic has become a big part of our lives. I feel it is important to teach our children that everyday workers who help us are the real superheroes, and not all superheroes wear capes. I especially hope it helps parents who are or have a first responder or essential worker in the family, explain what makes them so special.

My target audience is not only children but also teachers and parents. I did the illustrations myself as if a child had drawn them, to help children relate a little more. I would love this book to be made available to children in Hospitals for Sick Kids, as they are so brave during treatment, I would like them to see that they too are daily superheroes and that not all superheroes wear capes. I would also like it introduced to schools, for children, 5-7 years old, to give them a better understanding of why each job mentioned in the book makes them so special. Maybe one of their parents is first responders or essential worker.

As a child, I used to love writing my own stories, which were always detective stories, I was a bit of a tomboy. I was raised in England before moving to Canada.  Right out of high school, I worked for a major bank in Toronto, as an Executive Assistant, until I had to go on permanent disability for depression and PTSD.  I have really come far with my illness and I am proud to say, I am a Survivor.  As an adult, I always wanted to write something which could be appreciated by others, so I focused on poems, something I enjoyed writing until I wrote my first book, which was my Memoir, and had it published. After that, I wrote a Crime/Thriller novel, having that published also. As I am a mother of a son and daughter, who blessed me with 2 grandchildren each, I was inspired to try writing children’s books, this one is my third published and I am proud of my achievements.

This book is available at Chapters, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and a few other places.  The link is for Amazon.ca and I hope it helps parents and teachers explain the importance of all the jobs mentioned in it.


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