I Suppose the Rose knew

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Happy New Year! Yes, it’s Carmen, new writer of (I suppose the rose knew) book. Have you ever written something and read it over and over again to make sure the message is clear. Although, this poem….book was written many years ago I wanted to make sure my mind then and now are on the same page. I love how children embrace and see the simplicity of a thing. I now have revisited thoughts how beautiful something can be only for a moment and gone the next. Now, referring to my (the rose) story, this little girl embraced something truly beautiful and learned a hard lesson from it. Now, roses, flowers of all kinds has always been beautiful to look at around any home and I personally enjoy them. I enjoy taking care of them. The little girl is the same way. She enjoy seeing to them and taking care of them. What a tremendous surprise it was to her to feel this rose is dying and knows it. She sees this rose like some children might see a goldfish, a kitten….she nurtured her roses. She had to learn roses has a short life expectancy. The little girl has to know she is not the reason the rose died!

I’m interested in what simple thing I can follow up this story with. I am watching my grandbaby closely (Lol). Then again! My overgrown children can usually give me some brilliant ideas. I truly believe this book is a wonderful asset to any children’s library. I’m passionate about it and I pray this could be a tender moment you and child, grandchild can share together. Quality time and a lesson to receive….a tremendous blessing to any child. Lets talk again after the holidays.


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