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My book “I Have to Go, but I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams – A True Story” gives readers a glimpse into the circumstances that someone who is left behind has to go through amidst the loss of a loved one. In my book, I bared the story of the loss of my mother, the entirety of the circumstances that happened in me, the events that followed after the day of loss, and how I struggled to come to terms with losing his mother.

I Have to Go, but I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams – A True Story” is a poignant and emotional story of how a son has dealt with the loss of his mother over the years that passed since the tragic day. The book will expose the readers to a myriad of emotions and thoughts that I had felt and considered.

Readers who may have experienced loss of a loved one can relate to the feelings and thoughts that I have experienced. My situation is compounded by the fact that the circumstances behind my mother’s loss are still unknown, adding to my anguish and grief.

My message that death is not the ultimate end of existents as I meet my mother in my dreams, makes the book a self-help book for those readers who are dealing with the same situation as I did.

It gives the readers a way of accepting and letting go of the emotional burden and the negative thoughts that can affect daily living.

Written in an emotional but also humorous way, readers will furthermore understand from my conversations with my passed mother, the purpose of life, why there is a birth and why life continues after death and that we are needed to make the world better.

For readers who have not yet experience the loss of a loved one, this book prepares the readers emotionally and strengthens the minds of the readers to take the situation as it is.

“I Have to Go, but I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams – A True Story” is a story recommended for young adults and mature readers who want a reading material that is relatable and helpful.

This book will help readers realize and appreciate the strong familial connections and the ties that bind family members and when to hold on or let go of these ties if necessary.

Readers say:

“I just finished reading your book and wanted to say how much I have enjoyed it. You write simply and beautifully to get your message across. They say if you touch just one person’s life and make it better, your own life has been worthwhile. I am certain that you will touch the lives of all who read your book.”

“Thank you for an amazing read!!! I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. It inspired me to love the once who are still with me in this life, to be good to others, and to trust that no one I keep dear to my heart ever leaves. I’m glad that beautiful and unexpected things came out of this, and thankful that you decided to share your experience with the world. Your book has made this world a little bit better and my life a bit brighter.”

“I just got done reading your book. It was very good and inspiring. I read it in one sitting. I literally could not put it down. This is a fabulous book. I hope your dreams continue. It truly inspired me.”

“Thank you for sharing your dream and experiences. I feel your mom must be incredibly proud of you!”

“I loved to read your book as it was not just something to read but a real connection!”

Hendrik Kupfernagel


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