I Always Loved You by Asa Rodriguez

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First I would like to thank the Author’s Lounge for this great opportunity to write about my nonfiction work “I ALWAYS LOVED YOU. Creatures of Eternal Love.”

First let me ask: What is love really…?? Is it sexual attraction?? And if that sexual attraction fades, is love gone then?? Is love something you create in your mind, like arrogance, like frustration, like jealousy, like the necessity to win arguments?? What is it all about really??

My book is all about love. Perhaps you are thinking that my work only talks about one topic, but the reality is that love is a spiritual connection which is there in all aspects of life. Now, when I say love, please understand that the word “love” has nothing to do with it. Society, movies, books, and family since childhood have romanticized love. I have nothing against romance, of course. But my book goes deeper than that. In reality, love is what connects us all, from the sinner to the saint. But, obviously, the human mind comes up with all these labels and sometimes distorts the pure meaning of this sacred force.

Most people get attached to intense thoughts and feelings, like desire, like lust, like obsession, like the nagging need to manipulate others. But all these, and more, whether they are good or bad in your unique judgement, are only games of the mind. See, the mind’s only purpose is to bring comfort and self-satisfaction, which you may judge as you like; however, the mind cannot create pure love, because pure love cannot be created by the mind. Actually, when it comes to true love, the mind is an obstacle. The mind fills itself with too much desire, obsession, arrogance, etc.; and the heart of true love disappears from our awareness.

I ALWAYS LOVED YOU also delves into the feminine and masculine nature. Why do women act the way they do?? Why do men act the way they do?? The goal here is to understand that there is no goal. Only understanding exists. We also learn about the political mind, or the mind that judges. The arrogant mind. The violent mind. It is all about you. It is all about letting go the old ways, because love is not ruled by the past nor is ruled by your desires of a future. Love is here. Right now.

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The inspiration of love

Love to me is everything there is in existence. Love is self-love, first and foremost. Love is the inspiration to wake up each morning. Without this inspiration, what do you have…?? Nothing. Because without love people falls into greed. Because without love people falls into the black pits of depression. Because without love, without the intimate and individual push to get moving in life, you lose your way and your value as a human being.

So, what inspired me to write this book is obvious. I try to live each day in love. This is not saying that is easy, but it is saying that it is my number one priority. And because is my number one priority, the awareness of myself and the understanding of life expands; and so, I only desire to share my experience with you through self-expression.

Many questions. Not enough answers.

Growing up in another country and then coming to the U.S, I learned to become an observer of people, of different cultures, of religion, of society in general. And this led me to pay attention to my own actions. What was I doing wrong?? Why was life so difficult for me?? Why do I feel so lonely?? And why can’t I find my place in the world?? Then I realized, after much struggle, that these questions were pointless. They were not taking me anywhere.

Too many questions which bring us anxiety. The mind plays these tricks on us, doesn’t it?? Overthinking. Over-analyzing. I’m just a man trying to discover life, just like any of us. And this is my message to you: Life is a discovery. Don’t think it, but live it. So, my target audience is anybody out there who is trying to discover him/herself. And whoever is reading this, whoever has gotten this far in the article, is my target audience. Because to expand awareness and increase understanding into love is the target in life. It is our journey, my friend.

Who am I…??

My name is Asa Rodriguez. I was born in October 1981, in Mar del Plata, Argentina. I grew up reading and playing video games. Jumping from school to school, I was having serious problems to find my place. But thanks to loving parents and, back then, religion, I was always supported. But who I am really is not important. Because I truly want to make this about you. I am interested in people. So who are you?? How are you feeling?? And, most importantly, will you allow me to inspire you through my work??

How is your relationship with yourself?? Are you motivating yourself to discover life?? Are you troubled about something?? Let me inspire you. Let me help you. Perhaps by reminding you of your own value as a human being. Maybe life is a struggle for you. But maybe we must discover the miracle in ourselves. The miracle is not in the overthinking mind. The miracle is love, the pure heart of love.

I ALWAYS LOVED YOU. Creatures of Eternal Love.


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