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  1. When you are writing a book first you want to establish your writing surroundings or desk. I usually like to have a quiet place to concentrate on my book.
  2. Also you need to establish your writing materials; like your ink pens, pencils, pencil holders, pencil sharpeners, staplers, paper clips, printing paper, tape dispensers, dictionary, world almanacs, reference books, bookends, rulers, highlighters, markers, note cards, notebooks and note-pads.
  3. It is a good idea to get a good computer and a good chair.
  4. You need to break the book up into separate pieces. The authors lounge on the Readers Magnet page has helpful information for writers.
  5. Do an outline of the book on paper, like a rough draft and rewrite the book as many times as needed until it is perfected to your satisfaction. The outline is meant to help You and your book.
  6. Pick your genre.
  7. Create your characters.
  8. Write out your plot.
  9. Write your first draft.
  10. Rewrite.
  11. Edit.


The author needs to always be thoughtful of the age group and groups of readers they are attracting to their book.

When you are writing and thinking about your book always do your research about the subject matter and think of it as a big idea. Stay disciplined and finish your story. Then, you need to put the book in the correct order that events occur.

The writer needs to keep the story-line interesting to the reader and also set a certain time of day and ten hours per week  to do your writing and schedule writing time on your calendar. Don’t miss out on family time, but fit your writing time into your schedule and make writing a habit. The author/writer may have to cancel events like a movie or a concert or a ball game in order to get the writing materials finished.

Compile your story with excitement, do your research, getting your facts in order will give your book a polished form, keep the reader interested, stay positive and have a grand event or drama in order to make the reader eager to read more of the book. The Readers Magnet on authors lounge gives other authors input about researching a book.

The title of your book and the first line is very important and should stand out among other titles and first liners. The editors, reviewers, and agents will be able to tell if it’s a good book within the first few minutes of reading the book. The first line will entice the audience and the story will keep them captivated and interested.

Always give your audience a beautiful story, give the audience your wonderful accounts of events and then give them an excellent delivery. Read your story to your loved ones and get their opinion about it. If it’s a good book it will encourage you to continue to write and you will know it’s an excellent story line. Have a clear vision of what your trying to say to your audience to encourage them and provide structure.

Set a deadline for yourself to finish your book. Also a writer should set a number of pages to produce and you can change that as you go along.

The writer needs to dig deep and display their talents, stay positive, keep gods guidance and stay the course and keep the readers enticed and interested during the middle of the story also. Dr Linda D. Conf has great insight about spirituality On the Readers Magnet page at the authors lounge link.

Write an ending that is emotional and awesomely grand, great and beautiful.


  1. Sarah

    This article is wonderful if you feel stuck and can’t seem to get started on writing a book.

  2. Melissa

    Very concise tips that will kickstart a writer’s budding career! Highly recommended author!

    • faye

      I agree! Ms. Alma Melton gave a good advice on how to pull the audience in with proper writing.


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