How to Develop A Deeper Relationship With God

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Come Climb Toward God by Marianna albritton is a books that guides readers on how to develop a deeper relationship with God.

As spiritual beings, we long for a meaningful relationship with God. We want His voice to guide us in our daily undertakings. We look to our faith to get us through life’s challenges and adversities. Consequentially, we also want to be able to thank Him for all the blessings and graces. We want to be able to worship Him the right way and to honor Him. Having a great relationship with God also means that we want to be able to ask Him for forgiveness for our sins and shortcomings.

Mariana Albritton thinks that we all can build a strong relationship with God only if we submit ourselves to Him. Come Climb Toward God is a book that hopes to guide us on how to develop a deeper relationship with God by Albritton. In her book, Marianna Albritton imparts how we can be closer to God and hear His voice. Come Climb Toward God is for those who are seeking a long-lasting relationship with God. It is also a valuable read for those who want to return to Him after losing their way to sin and other earthly endeavors. What is important according to Albritton is that we take time to listen to God’s voice and be sincere in our goal to be closer to Him.

Recognize God’s presence in your daily life.

Perhaps the most important step in building a more meaningful relationship with God is to first recognize His presence in your life. One must first understand that God is all around us. He is present in nature’s bounty, in the goodness of men, in the magnificent creatures that roam the planet, and in your own life, no matter how lowly or highly you think of yourself. Acknowledging and being grateful for God’s is essential if you are to move forward and build a relationship with Him.

Hear His voice and get to know Him better.

It is not enough that one merely acknowledges God’s presence. Those who want to have a deeper relationship with God must learn to heed His calling and to absorb what God wants to say to us. By doing this we get to know Him better and in the process come to know His plans for us. This can only be done if we learn to quiet our minds and our own desires. Submission is an essential factor in building a healthy and strong relationship with God. This can be done through constant prayer and reflection.

Make Him a part of everything you plan to do.

The world is full of distractions, perfunctory activities, and earthly goals that we forget God. Making Him a part of everything you do can’t be too hard. After all, God is present in our daily lives. For some, this can be tricky. How can God be part of my meetings? How can God be present in my office task? Is God really watching me while I’m doing today’s workload? Well, God is present through the values and teachings that He shares with us. So as long as we hold on to the good values like care, humility, understanding, kindness, and love and we attach it to our daily activities, God is with us.

Honor God by doing good and serving others.

They say that ‘to love others is to see the face of God’, and that is partly true. Serving and doing good to others means serving and honoring God as well. Humanity is God’s ultimate creation. He made us in his image and likeness, and would greatly be happy seeing people treat each other kindly. There will be times when it’s hard for us to be kind to each and every person we encounter every day, but God can only be experienced in doing good and what is right. By serving others we serve God and His Purpose.

Never hesitate to ask for help and forgiveness.

We all have pride and asking for help and God’s forgiveness is sometimes difficult, or even shameful. However, if we truly love God and want to forge a meaningful relationship with God, we must be able to communicate to Him sincerely. Asking for help and saying sorry shouldn’t be that difficult if we want to embrace Him in our lives. Remember that our God is a kind and merciful God. There is nothing that He will not forgive. There is nothing that we ask that He will not give, as long as we deserve it. Building a deeper relationship with God also means humbling ourselves and acknowledging our sins and shortcomings. Only be being open totally to Him can we cement our bond with God.

Finding God and building a deep and meaningful relationship with God takes time, effort, and most importantly, free will. Only if we truly want it and ask for the necessary blessings (humility, openness, love, and faith) can we truly begin a healthy and long-lasting relationship with God. There is no ill-timed or appropriate situation to start one’s journey with God. It begins when you decide to accept Him in your life.


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