Faith in Action: How People Intertwine Faith and Life

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God has laid everything out for Christians to follow and live in His image. His words reflect this, and all people need to do is find a way to sustainably intertwine faith and life.

As Christians, there’s nothing more important than considering whether one is living by faith. This is the least that’s expected from everyone, the established way of life they must adhere to. But some things are always better said than done, and one such is practicing whatever people mean by “walking by faith or being in obedience of faith.”

While these may be sentiments Christians hear frequently, it can be challenging to truly comprehend what they’re trying to convey. The moment people attempt to embody what they suppose these mean, doubt catches up with them, making them question whether they’re on the right track. And often, this confusion further paralyzes them from acting on these words and fully living in faith.

Communicating Faith Through Words

In discussions of living by faith, multiple religious leaders, speakers, and the church have spoken up to help decode what this statement means. Authors like Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets have written numerous accounts and materials that attempt to decipher what God’s words may genuinely convey.

These books organize the Scriptures into understandable and easily consumable guidelines for people to follow. They translate His words and reflect them into mundane routines that people can better comprehend and straightforwardly live by. Books like Thomas’ On That Day preach about how people should live and what beliefs they should foster if they desire to walk alongside Him.

However, as the world is filled with twists, turns, trials, and tribulations, it can still be easy to walk away from faith. Regardless of the fact, there are countless materials detailing how people can intertwine faith and life; it can still make it easy for people to throw every belief away. People may not even notice they’ve fallen astray. They may not necessarily have a consequential impact on life. But as their days unfold, they will realize how a path away can disguise itself as the correct way.

This is why it’s vital to establish a guide and a routine specifically catered to them so they can sustainably follow through. Faith is powerful evidence of the unseen. People practice it to convey their full trust and belief in a creator who can’t be proven true or false. The very nature of faith makes it easy to practice but also easier to forget.

Hence, People Must Find Means to Strongly Intertwine Faith and Life

It’s not going to be easy trying to intertwine faith and life – to have a strong belief and weave it through one’s routines. However, to live one’s faith out boldly is how Christians are expected to express their love for God. This is a choice people must consistently choose to adhere to. It’s something that impacts not only the individual but also those around them.

Yet regardless of how easy this might be, people can overlook things and forget what they’re supposed to do. Hence, establishing an easy routine to intertwine faith and life is the way to go.

Start With Humility

Be a friend. Regardless of what people say, nobody can please everybody; choose to be kind and relay love to others. Whether becoming a good listener or an attentive friend, people must choose to be good to those around them. This way, others can feel God’s presence through the care and kindness being manifested. This is an excellent way to show them that God’s love is real and can be spread easily.

Being a friend and being intentional in every interaction and relationship fosters authenticity and goodness. However, it’s vital to remember that people must be authentic and inclusive in their humility and kindness to others. Allow God’s love to shine through one’s actions. Be the bearer of His existence and light.

Radiate Positivity

Love can be felt and expressed through happiness. To intertwine faith and life, people can live by their routines with a positive attitude. People must cultivate a positive outlook through every behavior and decision and not let the small things consume their minds. This is one way of becoming a proper Christ-follower and embodying His values and spirit.

Things won’t always go right or as planned. But how people react to these will always be their choice. Hence, when given the chance, they must embody gratitude and happiness.


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