How Adversity and Hardships Can Strengthen Spirituality

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It doesn’t occur so often that a human being goes through the entire course of their life without going through some degree of adversity or hardship. In fact, throughout the course of human history, it has probably never, ever occurred. Throughout the small and short-lived pockets of peace and harmony that our species rarely enjoys in-between centuries of large-scale conflict and conquest, it is highly unlikely that any individual human being was able to live a full-term life from start to finish with absolutely no form of adversity whatsoever occurring in their lifespan. No matter what year or era you born in, no matter what walk of life you originate from, and no matter where, when, or how you were born can ensure a life free from negative experiences, and the circumstances of one’s birth are not at all indicative of how an individual will turn out to be later in their life, nor does it dictate the degree of happiness, blessing, or hardship that one is destined to experience. You’ll also learn how adversity and hardships can strengthen spirituality as you move through life.

Without a doubt, it is highly evident that adversity and hardship in particular are extremely essential aspects of the genuine human experience. By virtue of being born into a human existence, we humans are entwined in the inescapable mortal coil that inevitably comes with it. Each and every single one of us (as well as each and every single person who has come before and is yet to come) is destined to have our own trials and tribulations that exist solely to test our resilience. The hardships will always be there, and they never stop being there just because we don’t like them or can’t handle them. They exist no matter what, and they will exist for as long we ourselves exist to experience them – and even after we’re gone.

However, it is up to us to determine how we allow these adversities to affect us, and they could be a blessing or a curse depending on how an individual decides to perceive them and figure out how adversity and hardships can strengthen spirituality. We could allow them to bog us down and plunge us into uncertainty and negativity, (which, at times, is inevitable and sometimes even necessary), or we can use the adversity to adapt and overcome our difficult situations to gain valuable insight, knowledge, and experience about how we can use these seemingly-negative life hurdles to our advantage in a positive manner in our lives.

Adversity acts as a massive leap in our spiritual development. Very definitely, facing challenges won’t destroy us, but it will surely bring its long arms around us for far-reaching consequences. Adversity becomes us, makes us who we are, adding character to our desirable attributes. We emerge stronger, more trustworthy, flexible, and dynamically intelligent. Our desire to conquer barriers determines who we are. The real version of ourselves shines when trials are overcome. In the book titled “A Major Hurdle”, which is a suspense love story by Patricia Sims, the main character Catherine Adams is put to the test with a seemingly-impossible difficulty and a literal trial to face – but it’s up to her and her belief to make it through the ordeal.

In a Christian context, plenty of the trials initially tend to appear to some as some form of barrier that hinders us from leading a godly existence. Trials are not, in truth, challenges (though they always sound that way), rather they are the force required for individuals to foster the energy to achieve our objectives and learn how adversity and hardships can strengthen spirituality. Sometimes, as Christians, as we pray for deeper divinity, we realize and become more sensitive to the experience surrounding us – our emotions and reactions have the potential to make us feel even more distant from God at times. It is important to realize that, while these trials may present temporary obstacles to our tangible advancement in the faith or in life in general, they are essentially supplying the strength we need to attain our goals.


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