Honeycake: A Circle Of Trust by Medea Kalantar

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In the fourth installment of the delightful Honeycake series, Nala goes into her papa’s office without permission and breaks his favourite mug. Nala panics and hides in her bedroom.

With the help of her parents, Nala learns a valuable lesson of trust and how to have an open and honest communication in a safe space.

Nala also learns that trust takes a long to build and can easily be destroyed in a split second!

A Circle of Trust teaches kids and parents about the importance of creating a safe place for open communication.

This book has a dual purpose, to enlighten children on the importance of trust and open communication as well as to educate parents on the vital need to create a safe space for children to open up from a young age. This book is also excellent for strengthening bonds between parents and children as they read it together and implement the lessons learned in the story. This book also represents a pivotal message for all about “The Circle of Trust”.  I feel it’s so important to build trust and create a safe space, to be able to speak openly with our children. We want children to feel safe and come to us whenever something is bothering them. By starting this practice at an early age, it will come more easily for children to talk without fear, or shame, or worrying about being judged. Building a strong foundation of trust with unconditional love and giving them the ability to speak openly, will play an important role in shaping their core values, which are instrumental for any future relationships whether personal or professional. As the world is healing and trust is needed, this book speaks of building a foundation of trust at home.

I also introduce the idea of “A Circle of Trust” with no beginning and no end, which I feel is an important idea for kids.

The circle symbol is recognized around the world, in marriage the exchanging of wedding rings signifies everlasting love. Teaching children the meaning of the circle symbol will help you communicate that your love is unconditional and it will never be broken. You’re also making your child feel safe and secure, and building a strong relationship between you and them. This gives children confidence and security which will lead them to open up freely when something is bothering them. Children’s relationships shape the way they see the world and affect all areas of their development. By building a loving, open, and honest relationship with your child, you’re helping shape the adult they’ll become and give them a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

“With “A Circle Of Trust” there is no beginning and no end, which signifies that your love for one another is endless and will last forever.”

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  1. Rima Aristocrat

    Medea Kalantar’s Honey cake books are so timely, important and truly timeless.


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