Guardian by Brian Smith

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I’m thrilled to be asked to write to you about my latest release.  My novel called Guardian is the story of an ordinary guy who likes to ride his motorcycle.  He loves his motorcycle! 

One day while on his way to work, Ben Slater is knocked off his bike by another driver.  The impact kills him, though he doesn’t realize it at first.  A strange looking man by the name of Mr. Gabriel appears and explains it to him.  Ben of course is devastated.  Mr. Gabriel tells him he will guide him through this new phase of his existence until he’s ready to go forward on his own.

Ben’s most taxing challenge comes in the form of his widow, Julie.  He was killed and now must watch helplessly as his wife is forced to deal with that loss.  It is a challenge he tries to face but cannot.  He is emotionally broken whenever he sees her!  The guilt he feels at leaving her before his time should have been up is agonizing.

While Ben is still getting used to being a disembodied spirit, he sees a woman being accosted by two thugs.  Mr. Gabriel tells him there is nothing he can do.  Ben cannot just walk away.  He intervenes.  He saves the girl from the two men but Mr. Gabriel is very angry with him.  He tells him he is not allowed to interfere with the Living World.  He warns him on several occasions not to appear to the living.  He is especially adamant because he cautions that others in the afterlife may copy his example of showing up in the Living World.  Mr. Gabriel is afraid that Ben will upset the precarious balance that holds the multiple worlds separate and inviolate. 

Because Ben is both stubborn and a believer in standing up for those in need, he ignores Mr. Gabriel and begins his career as a crime-fighting vigilante.  His adventures take him to a few unexpected places and pits him against some antagonists that threaten his very existence.

It’s funny, but I was inspired to write this book by a dream.  I experienced a very vivid dream that featured a man confronting an evil witch in the Underworld.  A fight for the upper hand ensues, but my dream ended as soon as the fight begins.

At the time, I had a different story I was working on that featured a biker who was killed but refused to believe it.  A man named Mr. Gabriel appeared to him.  The strange man explained that he was dead and now he was a disembodied spirit.

I had written about one and a half chapters and then ran into a brick wall.  I was unable to continue the story as is.  It stayed an unfinished draft for several months.

Fortunately, the two concepts dove-tailed together admirably.  With some revisions to the latter part of the work in progress, my ghost biker vigilante was born!

Who should read my book?  I think anyone with a liking for weird or eerie tales would be entertained by it.  Anyone who looks for stories about the afterlife, or even ghost story aficionados would like it.  Then of course there are the science fiction or thriller readers!  I believe anyone who enjoys a story about someone confronting their personal demons or overcoming the obstacles placed in their way would find this novel interesting.

Of course, I would like to believe that anyone would find it enjoyable.  But don’t all writers think that about their works?

If you do read Guardian, I would like to think you are entertained by it.  I’m not an especially prophetic guy nor do I think I know something that others do not.  What I do believe of myself is that I have a gift for storytelling.  I don’t know if the concept of a ghost vigilante is a new one or not, but I do know it is not a common one.  In that way, I think my book is something you can read without much eye-rolling or outbursts of “I’ve seen this very scene in, fill in the blank!”

I very much hope you decide to read this book, and any of the others I have posted on Amazon. 

Thanks for reading,

Warmest regards, Brian Smith


Here is the link for Guardian.

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