Secrets to Being a Good and Faithful Servant

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‘Well done, good and faithful servant’ are the words we always want to hear from God when we stand before Him at the end of our lives. What are the essential secrets to being one as we walk in faith?

There’s no secret to becoming the best servant of the Lord. But what will be discussed today are critical points that some of us may have purposefully forgotten because we needed to be more engrossed in other things. As believers, who wouldn’t want to be acknowledged by the Heavenly Father as a servant who has significantly done with the life He gave us?

Being a good and faithful servant isn’t just about using what God invested in us. It also entails a sense of consistency and staying faithful to the work that he entrusted us despite the consecutive trials and tribulations brought by this life. But since there’s an emphasis on being good and reliable, how do we exercise responsibility and reap great rewards? Here are some secrets that you should check out:

A good and faithful servant is always available.

Time is essential in everything, including our commitment to the Lord’s work through ministry. It’s our way of showing God that we value Him by making time for all things that glorify who He is. By making ourselves ready and available, we become more faithful. Our time and resources are the things that we cherish the most. At the same time, they’re two things that some people take for granted, neglecting God in the process.

God provides countless opportunities for us to serve Him through our talents and skills. Sadly, we’re often afraid to set afoot because we don’t want to be rejected by the people around us. That’s why we need His grace to encourage us and make us let go of that fear since we’re called to serve Christ and others, not ourselves. Despite the busy occurrences, the time we give to God determines the strength of our relationship with Him.

Faithfulness is a given.

Keep in mind when Jesus said, “good and faithful servant.” No “good and gifted” or “good and intelligent” servant. Faithfulness in our relationship with God is a fundamental but equally overlooked aspect of serving Him. So what does it mean to be faithful as a prerequisite to being God’s servant?

Our Heavenly Father already gave us in advance the mission that we set out to fulfill until the day Christ returns. Does it mean we don’t have the freedom to choose? Not exactly. This makes things easier because God’s provisions lighten the load we must bear. That should be enough for us to be faithful in our ministry and become a servant worthy of God’s praise.

Good and faithful servants are proactive.

There are three types of people in the world. One acts to make things happen, another sits on the sidelines watching things happen, and those who have no idea what happened. Good and faithful servants fall under the first category. They take action and ensure everything is up to its completion. Procrastination does not exist in their book, not putting matters related to God on hold. A good servant of God won’t wait to be in the mood, nor will they see if serving God fits their busy schedule. A faithful servant will go if there’s anything that God asks.

Trust is evident in everything they do.

Remember the Parable of the Talents? It teaches us the value of trust and how it can be broken by a small mistake. Although the master gave his servants different talents, his instruction was similar. This illustrates the level of trust God has for us in fulfilling His good works here on Earth. Whatever we have right now, we must nurture them and make them grow in a way that pleases our Father, who entrusted all His blessings and gifts to us.

A faithful servant of God maximizes all that He Gives.

When God gives us something, shouldn’t we maximize it to expand His glory? We can do it in multiple ways, especially with the abundant resources He has given us. What matters is our hearts and the willingness to go the extra mile for the Lord because of the simple fact that He is also good and faithful.

You can find out more about a good and faithful servant’s relationship with God from the book “Servants Heart from the Voice of a Volunteer” by Jamie Pulos-Fry. It gives readers a complete picture of the ideal volunteer that God wants from us to be ready to serve others. The book is also a comprehensive guide with helpful tools encouraging readers to participate in church or school ministries. This guide will help us understand how crucial it is to be a good and faithful servant.


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