God’s Plan By Winnifred Mckoy author of Do You Know Who You Married?

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Winnifred Mckoy author imageAt an early age, I was sent to live with my grandmother. The move appeared unfair at that moment. As I got older, I came to realize the move was part of God’s plan for my life. Perhaps if I had not been uprooted from my parents and siblings, I probably would not have had the opportunity to develop such an intimate relationship with God.

My love and knowledge of God was birthed through the transitional period with my grandmother. My grandmother modeled true commitment of what Christianity entails. Little did I know that the time I spent with my grandmother would be such tremendous building block for the future? Even though my grandmother had experienced many difficulties, quitting was never an option. That relationship is what empowers me today to fight for my walk with God.

God is an omnipotent, miracle-working God. He is a loving Father who looks out for all his creations. What hinders us from seeing God for who he is will be our lack of knowledge of him as our creator. As I began to seek God at a deeper level, God began to reveal himself. God speaks to his people through many different forms. When one invests time in having a true relationship with God, the benefits are incomparable.

I received a Bachelor of Behavioral Science and went on to obtain a Master’s degree in mental health counseling. This journey has allowed me the opportunity for a deeper insight into human development. My knowledge also allowed me to see that God has a purpose in which he will use this abnormal experience for his glory, and this is where faith comes in. We must allow God’s word to become alive within our lives to see its manifestation. Is there any- thing too big for God? I don’t believe so! We all need to be vigilant.

I have come to realize that the God of heaven is her true source, and He is the only reason why I am alive today. There is no other explanation why I was able to walk away from such toxic environment with my sanity intact. Mankind has innate survival skills, which are in everyone whether or not one recognizes these skills. I, reflecting on what I call my desert experience, has seen how God allowed me to put those skills into practice. I also came to acknowledge it was not the entire environment that was toxic. There were many God fearing people in that place. What was meant to destroy me allowed me to write a book, which I had no prior intention of writing.

Aren’t God’s words awesome? The Bible said what the enemy meant for evil, God would turn into good for His people. In my case, that is exactly what had happened. The evil in my life became a motivating factor, which opened new doors for writing. What was meant to cause evil gave birth to a passion. It is impossible not to give the glory to God. It is all about Him. God had sustained me, and empowered me with the right insight so I would not be defeated by the enemy’s schemes.


do you know who you married book cover

This book was written out of love and pain. In addition to being frustrated of the blindness and lawlessness that is swallowing up peoples’ lives within the church, “Do you know who you married?” Is a question everyone who has a spouse should ask? Do you really know? After witnessing Satan’s agent masquerading herself in the church as a Christian. The Holy Spirit had Winnifred begin taking notes of what was taking place in her midst. This material is only a synopsis of what was happening in that specific church.

The main character is an impostor who speaks hate and death from the most holy of places, the church altar!  The story will allow readers to get a glimpse of callousness coming from the most unexpected platform. Do not be deceived by outer appearances! Unawareness can be toxic to one’s wellbeing. She pretends to speak life when in actuality she speaking death. Her family does not know who she is. She takes a form of godliness, yet has no relationship with the true God. A python spirit leads from the altar!

When God gives you a directive, first, make sure it is from God. An intimate relationship with the true God will deepen one’s knowledge and remove any doubt of His true character. The ability to experience inner peace is such a phenomenal encounter. Where else could that peace come from? There is evidence of how God rescue His people from the hands of their enemies. God will turn the most daunting encounter into a testimony of joy.  Mankind was given a spirit of boldness. Fear is the Satan’s playhouse; he uses fear to keep mankind stagnant and immobile. Stagnation cause weariness, and weariness causes abortion of purpose. God’s plan is for a prosperous life in Christ Jesus.

Two forces at work! Assaulted in the spirit and in the natural. Always remember, the enemy imitated everything God meant for good. Satan’s stories are always pseudo versions.

Knowing the character of God will help to avoid unnecessary stress and trauma. Do not allow yourself to be tossed back and forth. When one’s focused change, the atmosphere around he or she will also change. She has an unhealthy appetite for power. Empathy is non-existence.


  1. Christian

    Yes! When life may seem very confusing and everything feels out of place, just know that you’re where God wants you to be.

    • Emilly

      Agreed. There’s always a bigger picture. We may not realize it now but soon we will realize what we have.


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