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MY bio of my 1st book

Here in the Authors’ Lounge; this story is one that speaks more to the state of life then just my own story. Even thou this is my own story, of what I went through. This story could have been you and it may have been you. One thing that is true we all have history and some of that history is not pleasing to relate to. A persons development and the experience’s which occur in their lives will determine their ability to direct their lives in the future. Unfortunately many will go through the kinds of things that I went through.

Evil and good they are more important to us then we may think; each plays a part in our lives. The story I’m going to share is true and the forces of evil can torment a person’s mind and body beyond reason.

Have you ever had impure thoughts, have you felt as if you have committed the unpardonable sin? Have you hated someone, hurt someone, stolen things, lied, been part of an evil scheme.

Some of us have walked a path which we hoped no one would ever find out about, a path filled with regret shame and hopelessness. Guilty as charged, what do you do; you can’t go back and undo the wrong things that happened in your life. These things eat at your sole and mostly you try to hide your shame. Your alive but can’t stop these actions in your thought life; they tell you that you will never amount to anything because you don’t deserve any real happiness.

Who would be able to relieve you of such shame and pain, who? would ever care about you. Even when you know that what you’ve done involved others to make it happen and that their lives must be messed up just like you. When thinking back on it how did it all start? For me it was disobeying Gods instruction to me when I was very young. I had a verbal conversation with God when I was 4 years and 11 months old. During this conversation with God I never saw him only heard him; he told me not to answer the call of my neighborhood play mates.

I did not obey him. God took his hand off me and I was alone to fight my own battles. Battles which I lost until Jesus saved me.   The road to a new life is one that still needs us to make the right choices. Knowing Jesus; means knowing about him and what he requires of you and this takes instruction through his word. My life has purpose and direction now. Not receiving what the evil in this world has to offer and relying on God to supply what’s important is what makes life worthwhile.

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