Five Inspirational Poets to Check This Month

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Inspirational poetry reminds us of our faith and devotion to God. They nourish our spirit and encourage us to embrace life with more positivity and energy. They tell us that we can do all things if we just believe in the goodness of God and the people around us. Here are five inspirational poets and their respective works to check this month of September.

John Milton

Best known for his epic poetry and studies, John Milton was an English poet and intellectual. Milton wrote in several languages including Latin, Greek, and Italian. He is also known as a statesman and a political figure. As a poet though, perhaps his best work is Paradise Lost. First published in 1667, is composed of more than one thousand lines of verse. In its later version, the poem is divided into 12 books. The poem consists of several narratives including Satan, Adam and Eve, the Son of God, and God himself. To this day, scholars have put forward various interpretations of the poem. It also solidified John Milton’s reputation as one of the literary greats of all time, as far as poetry is concerned.

Raymond Quattlebaum

Raymond Quattlebaum is one of today’s exceptional poets in the praise poetry category. He has published two inspirational poetry books- Poetry in Motion and The Color of Love. In these two works, Raymond Quattlebaum shares his passion for faith, life, and his devotion to God. His love for poetry started at an early age with influences from other poets and the famous band Earth, Wind, and Fire. Since then, Quattlebaum’s poetry has evolved into a unique style. Both Poetry in Motion and The Color of Love contain passionate and powerful verses that will inspire readers to re-examine life and appreciate the beauty of nature and God’s everlasting presence. Quattlebaum’s poetry ranks among the top interesting works in recent years.

Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is an American poet, musician, writer, and artist. Aside from her songs and recording, she is famous for her inspirational poetry books which include Storyteller and All the While You Were Blooming. Both works contain prose and poetry that encourages people to “stumble into the sunlight” and appreciate the boundless grace that life and God have provided us. The poems in All the While You Were Blooming are designed for all ages. Storyteller on the other hand is a collection of poems and prose written as letters (over one hundred poems) that hope to inspire readers to tell their own narratives.

Dakota Jay

Dakota Jay is a writer and author of the book Flawed Cadaver: A Collection of Struggles, Hopes, and Clarity Amidst Chaos. Published in 2015, Flawed Cadaver is a collection of poems about the different facets of life. Here, Dakota Jay paints many images that talk about life’s harsh realities, challenges, struggles, and other mad things we all encounter in each of our existence. More importantly, Jay also shares the hopes and beauty that are all part of our human journey. Flawed Cadaver is a remarkable poetry book, and Dakota Jay is as interesting as the pages he writes.

Ellie Holcomb

Aside from her worship songs, Ellie Holcomb also writes poetry. She is the author of the children’s illustrated books Don’t Forget to Remember and Who Sang the First Song? Don’t Forget to Remember is a lyrical tale that celebrates God’s creation as reminders of His love for all of us. The book is designed for young readers to appreciate everything that the Lord has created for us including the sunrise, the sunset, and all the animals that breathe the air and walk the earth. Her second book is also a lyrical tale about the song that God the Maker first sang. Both works by Holcomb reflects her dedication to spreading God’s love for humanity.


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