Five Blogs About Finding Happiness

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The path to happiness may not be easy but there is no shortage of guides and wisdom you can use in finding it.

Fulfillment Daily

Fulfillment Daily is a website that prides itself on providing readers with the “latest cutting edge science-backed news” for a happier and healthier life. Their mission is to inspire visitors with tools for fulfilling life through news and information backed by science that is trustworthy. They hope that the knowledge gained from their site will benefit many lives, inspire many more, and contribute to the making of a better society. Fulfillment Daily also would like to see a world where everyone can access to the science of fulfillment. Aside from the Happiness section, Fulfillment Daily also has Productivity, Relationships, Inner Peace, Health, and the People section where visitors can enjoy their articles, tips, and other related posts.

Peter Justus Blogs

Dr. Peter Justus is the author of the self-help book that’s been helping many readers find their purpose in life. His book is entitled The Pursuit of the Personal Renaissance Experience: Finding Opportunities for Happiness in the Ever-Present Now. Aside from the book, there are blogs articles offering the path to happiness by Peter Justus. Since 2019, Dr. Peter Justus, through his blog has been providing valuable inputs and lessons on how to pursue happiness. The topics featured in his blogs vary from personal happiness to political enlightenment, and about finding happiness in your daily work. In one of his early blogs dated October 7, 2019, entitled The Path to Happiness- Where Can We Excert Control?”, Dr. Peter Justus answers the common and often unnoticed reason why there are many sad people. Most people are sad because they have no control over their lives. These are just the many valuable topics you can read if you visit Peter Justus’ blog.


MindBodyGreen is a unique blog that blends science and spirituality. The blog is known for providing readers with food and wellness tips and articles. They offer a comprehensive approach to seeking happiness through health, lifestyle, beauty, organization, and social good. For those who find joy in cooking and preparing healthy food, maintaining a clean home, and keeping oneself beauty-looking, MindBodyGreen is the blog site for you. This is also a well-recommended site for homemakers and parents as they also offer parenting tips and articles. Overall, it is a multi-category site that caters to readers of all kinds.

The Positivity Blog

Now, this is one blog that lives up to its name. The Positivity Blog has over 1 million readers and provides them with weekly articles on various topics, but all for the purpose of happiness. The site is known for its easy-to-digest articles on love, faith, wisdom, work, relationship, and just about anything that has to do with happiness. Their advice on self-esteem and finding happiness are sought by many readers and often shared in social media and other platforms. Despite being relatively new, the site is gaining more followers as time passes by. The Positivity Blog is good for those who don’t want to engage in heavy soul-searching and just want light advice on finding happiness in life.

Tiny Buddha Blog

Peace and serenity are synonymous with happiness, although many people do hardly recognized the relationship. Tiny Buddha is a site that offers readers peace of mind, wisdom, affirmation, and clarity. If you visit their site, you will find categories for you to choose from. The categories include change and challenges, happiness and fun, healthy habits, letting go, love and relationships, meaning and passion, mindfulness, and peace, and work fulfillment. The articles and the quotes featured on Tiny Buddha are filled with lessons about tolerance, patience, love, faith, and kindness. It is hard not to feel good and happy after visiting this site.

To find more about Peter Justus and his works, grab a copy of his book or visit his website today.


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