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As of today as I am writing my first blog post in the Author’s Lounge for Reader’s Magnet, I am the author of Finding Faith in the Field, a public speaker, and a health coach; but this was not my expected outcome early on in my life. As a kid with an embarrassing speech impediment, I grew up in a trailer house on a dairy farm near the small town of Park River in North Dakota, so I was always considered in the world’s eyes an underdog to succeed in life because of my shortcomings and circumstances I was born into.

However, on April 6, 2007, my life was changed forever after a car accident left me with a 5% chance to live due to the severity of my injuries, which led me on an unexpected journey of survival, recovery, faith, and self-discovery.

From day one of my accident, my life has been filled a mixture of miracles and misfortunes. The first miracle, which is the most precious to me, is the fact that my parents were the ones who found me after my accident. The chances of that happening were near zero, but thats the way God planned it. It is almost as if it were scripted to be a movie. Along with that, there were many medical miracles that happened that first day for my life and body to be saved. You can check out the story I did with the 700 Club about the miracles that happened that day in the hospital at:


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However, along with the good there was also the bad like I said. While in the hospital and after getting out, I had to face the reality of a long recovery process and the battle of severe depression that accompanied it. But through it all, it has taught me so much about the true meaning of life and produced a genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Most importantly, it taught me that being a believer in Christ is truly about discovering who you are in Him and what your purpose is in this life, not simply going to church each Sunday and reading your Bible like I was taught growing up.

It also inspired me to do the things I am doing today and helped me understand that where you are from or other people’s opinions of you are not what defines you as a person, and that anything is possible for the one who believes. And now as a 28-year old as, I am continually inspired to keep sharing my story across the world and keep growing as a child of God in order to use this second chance that God has blessed me with to the very fullest.



  1. Melissa

    Thank you for this very inspiring post, Ben. I see it’s been years since this post. As someone who have also found peace with religion, I hope you’re happily living your life.

    • Faye

      I’ve also been through some rough times, I’m happy to have also found peace of mind and came to accept my past.

  2. Rizza

    This is a lovely book

    • Kenneth

      yep. everything leads us to God


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