Feature Article: How to Heal Your Mind and Body Naturally

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There are natural ways to heal the mind and body; we can all de-stress without the aid of drugs. 

Recently, discussions on mental health and physical well-being have increased because the pandemic has drastically changed our lives. People are affected by deaths, grief, loss of jobs and income, and being confined in their homes. These affect their emotions, bodies, and mental health. While medical science will always be at the forefront of addressing these issues, we must look at other ways to heal the mind, body, and soul. Before therapy sessions and anti-depressant drugs were a thing, our ancestors possessed the wisdom to reconnect to the natural energy sources that aid them in rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul.

In our modern world, we always turn to science and medicine to aid the recovery of the mind and body. But there are natural ways to recover and cleanse our bodies of toxic elements.

We live in a world where we constantly struggle for physical and mental well-being. Never before in our history do we have stressors that dominate our personal and collective existence? Whether at home, work, communities, country, or even global issues like climate change, air pollution, and recently the pandemic, toxic elements and unpleasant circumstances surround humankind, leaving them drained, ailing, and deteriorating. And in our pursuit of healing physically and mentally, we turn to drugs, therapy sessions, and other ways to stimulate our body and mind. But drugs end medicines can only do so much; we need to heal completely and naturally without them, or our body and mind will eventually break down. We must de-stress, recover physically, mentally, and spiritually, and empower ourselves more against elements that constantly weaken us.

Happiness in Quantum Leaps by Aura McClain encourages readers to look into more natural ways to de-stress themselves.

In the McClain book on de-stressing without drugs, the author shares energy, stress, and mental health inputs. To find joy, peace, love, and happiness, we must first take responsibility for our body, mind, and spirit, including mental and spiritual growth. Happiness in Quantum Leaps reminds us of three important goals and how to achieve them.

Achieving inner peace by controlling one’s mind

To achieve mental peace, we must learn to reduce and eventually remove stress from our minds without using drugs. Resolving the past and present may hurt, as does being anxious about the future. To lessen the burden, we must be present in the moment and learn how to control and reduce the thoughts that occupy our minds to maintain our mental health. We must learn to find our source of love, joy, peace, and happiness no matter the obstacle. If we can do this naturally without drugs, we are on the right path.

Investing in a healthier spiritual relationship with God 

Spiritual growth and serenity can only be achieved by building a strong foundation of faith and a relationship with God. To nourish our soul, we must reconnect to God’s Spiritual Energy Source and learn how to use it. Understanding the source of power and our energy levels will guide us in working with and using the energy inside us more effectively to help us achieve our goals faster. We must seek to understand more about God and our relationship with Him as he is the source of life and energy.

Physical healing is as important as healing the mind.

Our body and mind are connected, together with our soul. We cannot expect the mind and soul to heal if we do not take good care of our physical being. Healing our body from physical strains and stresses significantly helps achieve mental health and vice versa. Physical healing means healing the body per se, protecting it from outside elements, and seeking to improve our relationship with the outside world.

You can purchase Aura D. McClain’s Happiness in Quantum Leaps via Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and iTunes. You can also visit her official website for more information about Aura D. McClain and her works.


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