Faithful Sunshine by Lisa Anne Duda

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Thank you, Authors’ Lounge, for letting me share my story! This was an experience that touched me deeply and a story I felt the need to share. During this experience, I was faced with humility and reality, but came to the realization that blind faith and a little forgiveness along the way may be all we need.

God truly loves us. He may not help us find what we want, but He helps us find what we need. He’s a faithful God. His love for each and every one of us is amazing! He even loves those who don’t know Him. It’s so easy to ignore, or simply fail to notice God’s messages. I hope that those who read this story will take the time to reflect on their own experiences. Once you see how all the pieces fit together then you find the Grace of God!

About the Book:

Some of us tend to struggle with blind faith. We don’t always see God’s messages or instead we fluff them off as simple coincidences. Some remain trapped in the past, continually punishing themselves or others for mistakes, never learning to forgive. Faithful Sunshine encompasses a variety of emotions and states bitterness, worry, regret, selfishness, fear, pain, mortality, forgiveness, faith, and love.

Faithful Sunshine is a true account of how the author unexpectedly attempts to help her mother face mortality while juggling her own emotions and unintentionally making peace with the past.

Along the way, God’s messages cannot be denied. He provides strength beyond words. As the story unfolds, God’s Grace shines through. God’s blessings cannot be denied. Faced with humility and reality, the author comes to the realization that blind faith, and a little forgiveness along the way, is all we need.

Reviews: I wanted to share some of my reviews with the Authors’ Lounge:

June 2016- Brittany Martinez: “I am coming to an end with Lisa’s story. I have to share that this book has truly touched me. I used to be very close with God and in the last handful of years. I have drifted a bit. Not because I had less faith, it was because I wasn’t paying attention. For a while now I have been working hard to obtain my close friendship with God. Her story has helped remind me of ways to pay closer attention to the blessings surrounding our everyday life and that God is there at all times. Thank you for sharing your story so everyone can be consumed by reminders of our Father and undoubted faith. You’re an inspiration Lisa Anne Duda!”

January 2017 – Anne: A friend of mine purchased my book, but she simply hasn’t had time to read it. So, she gave it to her mother to read. Her mom returned the book with a note and a personal size tissue package. The note said: “Eileen, Have plenty of tissues handy when you read this.”

When Eileen told me this, I was truly humbled. Even more so when she brought the tissues and note to me with an additional comment from her mom: “I could hardly put it down. Thank you, Anne”. A review like this warms my heart!

February 2017- Claudia Pfeiffer (Author of Fiction and Memoir) “I enjoyed reading Faithful Sunshine and can see why you wanted to share this story. It’s not just a story. It’s a presentation of a transitional journey of a woman into a profound spirituality. It is a wide-open view of her deeply personal relationship with Jesus. And by witnessing this transition at least two other people were touched by it, perhaps to the point of some change in their lives. And from their comments it sounds as though others touched by her on her way through life were also altered in some way became more joyous, looked at the world more kindly, smiled more often. Her transformation was like a pebble dropped in a still pond. It sent out ripples that touched rocks in the pond and leaves floating on the water, continually reaching out to cover more distance. Thank you for sharing your story. And, just one more comment- I love your title. It’s your name. You were her faithful Sunshine”

July 2016 – Nancy Lawler: “Just finished it! Great story Lisa! Thanks for inspiring me to cherish every moment with my aging parents! And especially for helping me to appreciate blind faith!”

June 2016 – Anonymous:” Great story of love and forgiveness. We can all learn from the undying loyalty of the author to her mother and the path of healing that both enjoyed”.

September 2016 – Molly Pope “I just read your book Faithful Sunshine in one sitting! I was very moved by your book! It is sure making me think a lot. Thank you for sharing it with us”.

I never imagined writing a book. I never saw myself as an author. My life focus was centered on balancing my hectic job and family life. But sometimes things happen in life that redirects your focus. I wasn’t prepared for the experience. I felt blindsided as my sister and I helped our Mom face mortality.

The events unfolded in a whirlwind. I felt as though I was on an emotional roller coaster watching helplessly as the past collided with the present. But God’s Grace shined through. God blessed each of us and words really can’t do justice on how He touched us with His love.

I’m thankful that we were able to see His blessings. In stressful situations such as what we experienced, it’s easy to become blind to God’s messages. But we knew He was with us. In the end, I felt joy, the kind of joy that only God can incite deep within us. As I shared the experience with others, I realized they could see God’s Grace as well. So I continued sharing the story. And now, I am sharing my story with the Authors’ Lounge!

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