Exercise for Life (in sickness and in health)

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My book “Catch a Goddess by the Toe” is an ageless exercise book made specially for women. I wrote this book in 2010 an it helped many women to achieve their goal. Goddess is a symbolic power of integrity, beauty and strength. The physical strength ignites the self-esteem, the healthy self-image wakes up the inner strength. My book starts with Yoga and the power of positive body-image that unites the physical with physiological and mental layers. How would you catch the inner goddess in your own body? Of course; you can catch her by the toe. If you can hold your toe and maneuver it in every direction, you can teach this toe to rise higher and higher, even above your head. You can do this, because you are your own puppeteer, you can tell your toe where to go and the same way you can tell your brain/your mind, your internal organs, tissue, joints, ligaments and all your body cells how to behave, how to work for your best benefits. You and only you can make your whole body; inner and outer, strong, healthy and happy. The fulfilment of life is in the inner harmony and you can achieve that by following mind-body exercise routine. You will love the stamina it gives you.

As an avid exercise fan, I was following my routine every day and grew stronger and happier. Unfortunately, I had a very bad accident where  I suffered many injures and went through two major surgeries. I could be very lost in everything that happened to me. I could be depressed and feel sorry for myself. Well I did some of that too; for a while I was lost. I couldn’t believe that my strong and healthy body succumbed to injuries. But I always had this believe that my exercise regime saved me from worse injuries. I was flexible and my bones were strong. My ligaments gave in though. I am recovering and starting little by little to come back to my former self. We fall but we raise again; whatever it is: stress, loss of a psychological or physical nature, we can beat it.

“Catch the Goddess by the Toe” features Yoga philosophy integrated into Yoga-based exercises enriched with Light Bodybuilding, Plyometric, Pilate-Method, Isometrics, Calisthenics and Fitness-Yoga.  Intent of this program is to elevate the metabolic rate, reduce fat and sculpt muscle. The position includes illustration, technique and explanation of targeted muscles.


  1. Melissa

    This is a literary masterpiece that must be read by a lot of fitness enthusiasts.

    • rizza

      True. Through this book, I was able to take care of myself bettter.


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