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Thank you for your interest in finding more about my poetry and my personal goals.

I started writing poetry first as a way to fulfill my need to relax while being creative, when I was working in the banking industry.

When I was laid of from Wells Fargo, years ago, I decided to start writing poems full time.

I write both in English and Romanian, depending on what I was inspired to write about. I think my poems are sometimes deep, sometimes almost flimsy, but easy to read.

Sometimes I keep a certain rhythm, but most of the times I change it in the middle of the poem. Usually, my poems have a story to tell.

My father says they are full of content.  Sometimes, others, are just rimes that I put on paper to have fun with words.  I am presenting to you two poems that I wrote:  The first of the two, early in the morning while asking myself what would I like for breakfast,  the other one on a late one evening.

First, let us have a look at the “flimsy” Food Loving Fun. I was alone in the house, asking myself what should I eat, with the IPad in my hands, and this is what I came up with: As a parenthesis I would like to explain that mindful meditation, which I practice, recommends “eating mindfully”, taking ones time to enjoy, savor the meal.

Food Loving Fun I like my meats, Sometimes in the morning. The eggs, I enjoy all the time. Fruit never should miss from a diet, Just thinking of food, I have fun! Sweet cream, chocolate and cookies, I will always like having around, Only to mindfully cherish, Meditating and eating, no pun.

Intending to cook all the time, Imagining the taste you should crave, Is so fulfilling and fun, I smile Only thinking, again! I like borsh, I like the galuptzi, I love the stuffed pepper and che..eese, I like veggies, I love avocado, Nuts and coffee,  I love what I eat!

The second poem, the one written , I think, on a late evening, is about the metamorphosis that I realized to have been through during what was then twenty five years of marriage.

Every change in my behavior, I am proud of, as I am proud of my husband and our long lasting marriage.  The poem conveys that in a more metaphoric way, imagining a fantasy, a fantasy also inspired by my watching different pictures of ours and noticing the way my weight yo-yoed during this time.

I feel so ugly sometimes   I feel so ugly sometimes, I want to laugh it out loud. I feel so fat, I could cry, I wonder: why does it have to be like that?

I eat myself to death, sort of speak, But I would rather die just a little, Than be unhealthy.

For you, I wish to be beautiful and brittle.   Sometimes so thin I should be, You would absolutely break me in half, If in your arms you would grab me, And did not pay attention enough.

I want for you, my beauty so shiny, My smile, to worm your very heart and soul. I want my children to love you, I want you to cherish their infant droll.

I want to be blonde, just for you, Or red headed, when the sun goes up, I want a brunette to become, When the moon comes back.

Green eyes I should have in the morning, By afternoon they should always be black, Turning blueish when you do adore me, This is how much I do cherish you and my luck!

And if my fantasy seems lavish, Darling, I hope you forgive, When this body, so sluggish, Is the only one I have for you, to give.

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