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Come on board. Take a ride. Get ready. Step inside. Breathe in through your nose. Fill it up. In and out. Deep breath. All the way in. All the way out. Come on now, exhale. Keep it up. Not too shallow, don’t ride the rail. Not too deep. You’re doing just fine. No rush, no worries, just cross the line. Draw lines around you, as artistic as you may, something spacious, not too gray, roomy, inviting, and refreshing too. Temperature to your liking, humidity BOO! This is your space, and it’s free. Didn’t cost anything to build. Come back anytime, see? Stay awhile and don’t go yet. Bring in or take out anything that will benefit.  You can ask where we are going and you won’t be disappointed. We can go anywhere. You ask if we are on a time craft what is our objective this trip. Well, it is to expand our awareness and think more outside the boxes we live in and limit ourselves to. Right now we are more concerned with our journey than the destination. We will always land at our arrival zone but it is more important to have learned a lesson or ten along the way. Wherever you are now you must have an idea of the place or the geography and just a few questions for you. How long has the place you are at or in been here? Was it here yesterday, a year ago, 5 years ago, Now stretch it out, to a thousand, ten thousand years? Of course the earth moves and shifts and then tectonic plates change but over greater amounts of time. But for our experiment the earth, the place and the dirt that are here now were here last week and will be for a long time. OK now for our observation the place on the earth you are at right now was here how long? Maybe from the beginning with exceptions of the earth rising or falling or being under water, erosion, etc. So, just the act of time travel isn’t going to take you on a plane ride, bus ride or any other mode of transport from one place to another. Past or future the earth is basically the same as it always was and will be for the time we live on the earth. So if you could go back a year or go forward a year you would be exactly where you are at present, but older or younger. Now factor in if you stayed in the same spot for 2 years you would have traveled in time 2 years, right? The point is we are living not in the past or the future but in the perpetual now. What would physically have to happen for you to go right now to last year or next year. Well, besides the fact that you lived a year ago and probably will next year you would have to move and expend all the energy and all the mass of the universe for that matter of time, You see it took all of that mass and all that energy and all that space and all that time just to move it once. And you still think time travel can be manipulated that easy. Now let’s look at yet another method of observing time in the past. Some refer to it as the Akashic records. Here we need to incorporate our imagination. You are standing on top of a mountain, clearest of skies with an Infinite Power Zoomer (IPZ) telescope and spot an inhabited planet ten light years away. You observe them in their activities and record what you see. You write down todays date to keep an accurate timetable. When you scribble the year you wonder what to write, the actions you see is the light from them ten light years ago. So you can’t put todays date and year. You have to put 2010 instead of 2020. As they tell it the Akashic Records keep a detailed historic recording across the skeins of time. They can always be viewed from somewhere, you just can’t go back. An impractical time traveler (ITT) needs to think through the following situations as a starting point. They return to yesterday. How many of them are there now existing at the same time? If not, where did their other self-go? If there are two now and one travels again would there be three. If one got pregnant would any of the others share.  Thanks for dropping by.  Come back soon.  Leave by the exit.  Make your mask secure and be safe.


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