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My mothers brother used to write poetry.  Unfortunately he got killed in WWII and his poems were never published.  I guess poetry is in my blood.  I loved poetry all my life.  I watch the news. I read newspapers. I have dreams, and yes, I get up in the morning and turn them into poems emphazing human feelings of todays life.

Poetry is my passion.  It was and always will be in my heart.

Through my whole life I loved poetry.  I was inspired by my feelings of today’s life.  Love,  campation, understanding as well as fear.  Three of my poems discribes the fear, pain and trembling in our life…….yes crime.

I want to thank the ReadersMagnet  Authors’ Lounge for giving me the oportunity for my first published book to be feature for free.  Each and everyone of my poems describes todays life.  Love compation, respect and understanding as well as sadness, crime, abuse.  

One of my poems “Short Temper” discribes the biterness in todays life.  Another one of my books the “The Invisible Me”  describes the feelings inside anyone of us, when you are completely ignored by loved ones. Another one “Today’s Child” discribes todays generation.  How children treat their own parents, because of the life they live.  Drugs, alchohol etc.  


Again, I like to tell my readers to appreciate all of the happiness in their life today because, unfurtunately you don’t know what the future holds.


Hope 🙏 Love ❤ Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦.



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