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Author Eleanor Gaccetta shares her experiences and ideas on caregiving and other inspirational topics.

Since 2019, Eleanor Gaccetta has been sharing her experience and wisdom on caregiving. Aside from her published memoir, One Caregiver’s Journey, Gaccetta also imparts her personal knowledge through her blog. Most of these articles were written by Gaccetta herself. The blog section also contains blog articles written by contributors. By reading these blog articles, we get to learn many things about caregiving, the lives of caregivers, as well as other related topics. Ellie’s blogs are not limited to caregiving topics, it also features articles that are very timely and relevant. 

Eleanor Gaccetta or Ellie, launched her blog in June last year. It started with articles updating readers about her book’s journey and other updates regarding her book. As time passed by, the blog section became a page of inspiration as Ellie published inspiring and educational articles related to her journey as a caregiver. Today, it has over 20 articles providing readers not only with updates, but also inspiration, lessons, and appreciation to those who dedicate their lives in taking care of the sick and the elderly.

Published Blog Articles

  • Be The Change
  • The Social Importance of Caregivers
  • 3 Essential Things You Should Know About Caregiving
  • Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Caregiver
  • The Benefits of Having a 24/7 Caregiver for an Elderly Loved One
  • We Were Due For A PandemicLiving in a Pandemic
  • The Difficulties of Being a Solo Caregiver
  • Important Things To Consider When Taking Care of Elderly Family Members
  • Overcoming the Common Challenges Encountered by Caregivers
  • Recognizing The Vital Role of Family Caregivers
  • The Fundamentals of Caregiving: How to Take Care of a Loved One?
  • Planning for Elder Care
  • Five Must-Read Award-Winning Memoirs
  • Be Wary of “BEWARE” Postings
  • Words Matter
  • Caregivers Deserve Your Gratitude
  • Information To Share About Family Caregivers 
  • The Misconceptions of Caregiving
  • Common Challenges Encountered by Caregivers
  • Six Useful Tips To Reduce Caregiving Anxiety
  • Compassionate Connections: An Essential Weapon for Caregivers
  • Is Caregiving Suitable for You?

Most of the topics from these blogs are discussed in detail in Eleanor Gaccetta’s book One Caregiver’s Journey.

One Caregiver’s Journey

One Caregiver’s Journey is Eleanor Gaccetta’s major literary work. Published in 2019, it is a memoir that covers almost a decade of her experience as a caregiver. In her book, Ellie documented his journey with her mom. Gaccetta’s mother suffered a hip injury when she was 93 years old. This prompted Ellie to drop everything and decide to take care of her elderly mother. For nine and a half years, Ellie stood by her mother until the latter’s death at age 102. The book One Caregiver’s Journey is a chronicle of all the changes, challenges, observations, as well as lessons that encountered during the years that he served as a family caregiver. Although One Caregiver’s Journey is not a medical book and not written from the perspective of licensed medical personnel, health workers and caregivers will learn a great deal from Eleanor Gaccetta’s work. It is filled with inputs on how to deal with the elderly and the sick.

About Eleanor Gaccetta

Eleanor Gaccetta grew up in a small farming community in Denver. After high school, she served the State of Colorado for more than 31 years, the last seven years she worked as a legislative analyst for the Departments of Human Services and Medicaid. She left her old job and spent seven years working as a policy analyst for the City and County of Broomfield. Gaccetta eventually went back to the State of Colorado to work as a private contractor. Despite being busy with her work, Ellie pursued her education. With dedication and hard work, she earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Regis University. She did this while building a career as a public servant.

To know more about the inspiring story of Eleanor Gaccetta, grab a copy of her memoir One Caregiver’s Journey today or visit her website today.


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