Dystopian A Chapter by Gianina Sipitca

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Freedom of the mind, body and spirit, in the context of the social contract, social and cultural capital Dulkina received her new assignment via subliminal level communication.  The free people wanted to have a guideline from her as to how to better use their arguments in the fight against the Goaulds. 

She started reminiscing about when did she first coine the expression.  It was 20 years ago, in 1999 when she first started noticing strange things around the office.  People wearing the same color clothes she did, people coughing when she was thinking angry thoughts, people coming to witness her conversations with colleagues…How the time had passed, she was only 34 years old when she started guessing the existence of the Big Thought Reading Machine. 

Intuitively she figured out it existed, but it took her almost four years to realize how it might work and to start talking about the need for people to be “on their own free will”, to never allow anybody else in society to ever go through what she was going through.  She went on her first hunger strike in December of 1999, demanding that she be told about this Voodoo machine as she called it at the time. She had never been trained at subliminal level and she only knew about telepathy and intuition.  Every thought that went through her mind, she considered was her own.  She remembers thinking many times that she had “crazy thoughts”.  

Unlike one might think, these were usually thoughts that she did not know how they aroused.  As in thinking all of a sudden:  ” Where did that come from?-crazy thought, why would I think that?”    Having never been told, she never could have guessed that other people can sneak in and leave an order about doing one thing or another, directly with her subconscious…”Like ordering from a menu”-she thought to herself.It took her about a decade of ruminating, meditating and pondering on countless occasions, about this machine and her own condition in society.    

She remembers when in the beginning, she considered that maybe she was born a slave, the only one in society.  Maybe society decided to have a slave of the mind, somebody to whom they would lie systematically about the subliminal communication and who would have to just take the insult, in order for the others to be able to discover what is the horizon of human imagination when the individual is in physical pain and / or mental anguish. For almost a decade she pleaded with a “master” of sorts, to be allowed to have a normal relationship with her husband, to be offered the “freedom of the mind”-to not destroy the Big Thought Reading Machine, but instead to recognize that she would be the only one the machine would use as a guinea pig, while recognizing the rights of everybody else to know and speak freely about the machine, to recognize the mind and the machine’s powers over every other individual. licensed conveyancer nsw

She was pleading constantly for the need of recognizing that nobody else can possibly be considered a free individual, when the machine can influence their health, can tell them how to vote or when they do not talk freely about their own powers of influencing each other’s health, erase each other’s mind literally just by instructing the subconscious to forget a certain subject without fear of the law, or the constant taunting that some are inclined to bring upon others at subliminal level.  Around 2009 she started calling the latter group:  The Goaulds. Around 2011, when she started having conversations with people, after they admitted only at subliminal level, that there is indeed such a machine, and that people have communicated indeed at subliminal level since the beginning of time, the then president of the country, Mr. William Obama had told her that the role she had chosen for herself, was that of the leader of the “free people”.  Now, in 2019 she has come a long way.  The free people communicate with her subliminally, there is a fight for “Freedom of the mind, body and spirit” movement and she was asked to give them some talking points and some hints as to the arguments to use in their fight for overliminality. 

I found somewhere written that:  “Social contract theory is an ancient philosophical idea that states that an individual’s ethical and political obligations relate to an agreement he has with every other individual within a society.”  – The way we are to understand the idea contradicts every one of the Goaulds claims, that some people, namely them, would have the right to infringe upon any of the rights of the other citizens, simply because they, the Goaulds, according to their claims, consider themselves above everybody else and above the low.  The rule of law, is a concept that people have defined since biblical times.             

Deuteronomy is the Torah’s ultimate contract between the people of Israel, their God and the contract that did bind them together.  While Deuteronomy is a natural law, a law inherently present, ordained by God, not by people, the similarity with the laws of the democracies lies in the fact that even the King is subject to it.   Civilized society does have a tendency to converge towards the concept of democracy. In a democracy, one does not have the right to infringe on the rights of others.  Not even the majority can enact laws that infringe upon the rights of minorities, however, no individual or minority should confuse the human rights or the laws protecting minorities, with any type of mandate of the minority or individuals to consider themselves above the law. 

The Goaulds are simply called criminals by any civilized society, and they would have to cease and desist.  Among the freedoms that our society has relinquished as of late, due to the late stages of the Game, are the freedoms described by the first amendment to the American constitution.  Without freedom to speak freely about the machine, one cannot consider that they are on their own free will, or the masters of their own destiny-I called this right that was taken from us, freedom of the spirit.  When you do not have freedom of the spirit, you cannot freely be the master of a strategy for accumulating as anybody would expect, the social capital you are entitled to be allowed by society to work towards and accumulate. legal conveyancing services

When one does not have the opportunity to talk about the powers of the mind to take over another person’s body-(impeding on the freedom of the body-of the target), to direct them on what to think or do, one cannot have recourse in front of any law against the Goauld.  The people cannot feel secure in their own person, they cannot or might not even know they have been hurting their own health and cannot protect their body from the will of the outsiders.  I called this right that was taken from us through the negligence shown by the legislators towards the last years of the Game, freedom of the mind.  Freedom of the mind also plays into the opportunity of healing oneself from different ailments freedom to think ones own thoughts, freedom to accumulate and retain ones own cultural capital in each of its forms. 

The Goaulds have taken from me and others some of the knowledge accumulated, thus depriving me of the social status and power that all knowledge I ever accumulated would have conferred.  Children are calling me a ‘cow’ and I have nowadays a hard time remembering the multiplication table and many of the novels I read years ago, or things I learned two days ago, simply because they consider they have the right to decide whatever knowledge I should hold on to and what not.  I want everybody to have the freedom to think their own thoughts, to use their own mind for the benefit of their own body, and to speak their own mind and fight life according to their own wants, not those of a Goauld. I consider the fight for freedom of the mind, body and spirit, more important than class fight, since I think now, is the time to recognize that it is not the ones who accumulated their rightfully owned cultural capital, or their symbolic capital that hurts us.  What hurts others is not having the opportunity to accumulate similar capitals because one is considering oneself bind by the social contract, while the other, namely the Goauld is not.         

The Goaulds generally infringe upon these types of capital.  They consider themselves entitled to their envy and hate and claim that they have the right to rob anybody of their social status, of their accumulated knowledge, of intellectual property, etc, since they, as Goaulds cannot stand the other person, do not recognize the rights of the other person and are inconvenienced by the law protecting the other people. Goaulds have come on the line and claimed that they would not stoop to studying once they have been trained at subliminal level, since they can always find a target to enslave and make their pet project.  As governments would think of building super soldiers, the Goaulds consider they should ‘allow or not’ the intelligent or the informed to retain whatever knowledge they accumulated, steel intellectual property, just as easy as they think they should steal the life out of the individual whom would be the target of their curses.       

Goaulds want communism in their own admission, not for the idealistic ideology, but rather to ‘tell people that they should leave all possessions, and then that they should listen to the rulers’. -How are you going to have a Goauld state without communism, I want to know?-The Goauld harpy once shrieked on the line. The benefits that flow from trust, reciprocity, information and cooperation associated with social networks, have all been erased for me by the Goaulds claiming that I am stupid, just a cow, who should not be protected by any law, should not have any right and should be abused in every way by them, while the other members of society wait their turn idly.       

Edmund Burke (1729–1797) wrote in Present Discontents:  “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”       

The fight for freedom of the mind, body and spirit has to continue, and free people should and must fight the malicious intentions of those who dare take the human out of the being with continuous taunting and bullying, lies and twisted truths, while ignoring the social contract inherently present in the constitutions around the world today.  

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  1. Claire

    I’m interested but still quite hesitant to buy it. Can somebody help me decide?

  2. Hummer

    I know it seems like a complicated book but it really isn’t. But it offers a really thorough explanation of the subject though.


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