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The deafening blast knocked Gabby off her feet.  Wracked with emotion, she watches her home and her entire family being blown up by the Serbs in the Bosnian war.  Adreneline  kicked in and she knew she had to escape—and fast. Gabby saw a train in the distance headed for Amsterdam. 

All she had were a few dinar’s but enough to get on that train before she was seen by the Serbs.  She gets a job in the Red Light District, however her misfortune changes quickly as a world class photographer suddenly spots her.

She becomes a supermodel, who gets discovered by famed Hollywood Director John Billings. She becomes a critically acclaimed actress. While shooting a movie in London, there were three attempts made on her life. Someone was clearly trying to kill her. But why?

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Danielle Freda


Eva, shared a similar experience in Bosnia and became a stripper in a shanty nightclub near Sarajevo.  She is a sexual predator who uses men to get ahead.  She entangles herself in a world class espionage/counterintelligence plot involving her lover, a finance guru from Sarajevo, a famous Hollywood director and the highest levels of government. 

From the beginning Eva had one goal in mind.  But no one knew what she was up to or what she was capable of.  Murders and attempted murders start happening as this novel takes you on a wild ride from the heads of government to the CIA, KGB and Secret Service. 

Ultimately a plot that defrauds the United States government is enmeshed.  Eva is on a deadly mission with a CIA  assassin  that finally brings these two women together who share an incomprehensible  secret.

EXERPT from book

Meanwhile in Dubai Eva was getting bored and impatient.  She wanted to see Bozart in Paris.  “Why can’t I go, I’m not in any trouble Petar?” she pleaded.  “I mean really how bad is this that we have to hide out in Dubai in our hotel room no less?”

“Eva your life is in danger by your association with me—don’t you get it—Paul was killed.  I can’t tell you what it’s about and I won’t.  But I beg you to stay for a while longer.  What I can say is the US government most likely had Paul assassinated.”

“You mean the CIA?” Eva asked.

“Yeah I believe it to be the CIA.  Okay that’s all I’m telling you.”

“Well no one knows me.”

“Yes I’m sure they do.  You will be hunted down until they get to me.”

“Petar, what the hell have you done?” She knew all along that’s where the excess of money was coming in—she knew all of it, not to mention that he knew nothing about her affair with Paul. 

He’d have her killed  despite the  obsession he still has for her.  Petar can be dangerous when he feels he needs to be.  She called Bozart numerous times to get some more news. 

She still had trouble reaching him for some strange reason.  Finally, she got him on the phone.

“Eva, there is a big scandal going on with the American President and the CIA.  I don’t know anything more—only that the general was indicted.  There is talk that the US government had Paul assassinated,” said Bozart.

“Well Bozart, it had to be that someone told this President or whomever that Paul, Petar and John Billings were involved in this scheme.  But Billings did not know.



  1. Penelope

    The storyline is similar to the movie Anna, which is one of my favorite movies. I’m tempted to buy it.

    • Kaylee

      Please do! Gabby, the main character, is such a great and intriguing character.

    • Danielle M Freda

      thank you…I am trying to get this on Netflix as a movie.


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