Dorman Chasteen author of The Gunsmoke Drifted West

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The Gunsmoke Drifted WestDorman Chasteen was born in Oklahoma City in 1949. He is a Christian. This story includes many family occurrences. His maternal grandfather was involved in two Indian incidents when he was a boy and his great-great-grandfather was a galvanized (Confederate) Yankee at Fort Laramie at the height of the Great Sioux War. He carried a bullet in his leg until his death in 1915. His paternal great-grandmother stood-off Comanches by holding a broom like it was a rifle. His great uncle was an Indian Agent for the Oglala Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and Kiowa when Indian combatants from the Indian Wars were still alive. Dorman has a picture of himself and the last Indian survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn in taken in 1955. Dorman is a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps and an Army veteran with Recondo (shortened Ranger School from 1970s) and Jump qualification. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and father of three grown girls and a step-daughter. He is retired military and Civil Service. If you do not like the end of the story, it is true events. This is why Dorman’s name is spelled “Chasteen” instead of Chastain. The events describe his great-great grandmother’s death. Then his great-great-grandfather was kicked in the head by a mule before his child was old enough to spell his name.

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  1. rizza

    I loved the character of Dorman. His character brought life to this book.


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