Don’t Be Afraid To Finish What You Started by Earl Robert Key

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Readers Magnet | Don’t Be Afraid To Finish What You Started by Earl Robert Key

Michael D' Angelo Nicholas imageMichael D’Angelo Nicholas is a perfect example that if you can comprehend anything in the United States of America you can Excel. There is no reason to fail and if so you have chosen that road for yourself.  Michael D’Angelo wanted more than the average deprived poor person would think that life had to offer.

It’s nothing wrong with being like the next person or wanting to do what the next person does because sooner or later you will find your calling when you recognize your talent and vision. People say you can be what you want to be, but I do not believe that I believe you can only be what God himself wants you to be. Somehow, God wants to teach you and show you that people are only there for you when you’re doing something great not knowing God wanted you to do great from the beginning.

strong boy weak manThe fact that I started working on this book in October 1969, I was 19 years of age and here I am celebrating 50 years of the book now in October 2019. It’s been a long and blessed 50 years since I first started on Strong Boy Weak Man. The publication of this book was in 2008. It is very important that while you’re on whatever mission you are on never stop dreaming! I am a country boy, growing up in Mississippi working in the field especially the cotton field taught me that when you chop cotton you start with one pull of the hoe.

Life is like that you take one step at a time one thought at a time, and there will be times that you will walk into a brick wall but that is no reason to give up. You can always stop regroup, go left, go right, and continue your journey. When you look at a brick wall be aware of what’s between each brick! When you read my book read between the lines you may see some part(s) of your life. This book is meant to be a game changer for those who give up before they get started. I am a self-trained fighter; I will make it to the end! You should have the same mindset.

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  1. Sheska

    If one has the ability to start something, then they can finish it.

    • Christian

      Agreed. If more people will follow this concept, I’m sure more will excel and be successful in their fields.


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