Diary Of A Scribbler By Esme Sinclair

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Diary of a Scribbler is an account of real events. When I started to write it nearly twenty years ago, I never envisaged that it would end up as a Self-Help book, designed to help people survive and conquer serious bouts of illness, aided by the power of non-addictive natural, herbal medicines and superfoods. All those years ago, I was struggling to write a memoir while I was crippled by fibromyalgia (FMS). I sank into depression and stayed there for long spells at a time during those thirty years, while the pain gnawed away at my spine semi-constantly.

At the start of this literary journey I didn’t know much about mindfulness, meditation, the menopause or herbal medicines. But something changed all of that when I hit my fifties. I was unprepared for what happened to me shortly after I turned fifty-two. The symptoms of a mini stroke I had suffered were gone by the time I saw a stroke consultant in hospital. Unaware I was going through the menopause, I was troubled vaguely by my lack of sleep and the mild pain in my jaw and left arm, which increased gradually the longer I went without sleep. What’s happening to me? I asked myself as I sat on the edge of my bed one morning at the start of that nightmare, shaking violently. Depression and severe weight problems also began to increase my mental distress. Shaking, barely sleeping for four months in the run up to Christmas 2012, I battled against suicidal thoughts. I emerged from that turmoil in my late fifties, a changed woman, stronger mentally and a survivor. To my surprise I had got back my “mojo,” conquered my depression and insomnia, got my heart condition under control and reversed early signs of dementia with non-addictive natural medicines.

I published my ebook, Diary Of A Scribbler, for the purpose of giving HOPE, INSPIRATION and providing a TOOLBOX for the survival of women going through the menopause. Also for men who may also develop heart disease and can’t (or won’t) consult a doctor.


A chance discovery that a miracle herb had stopped me wheezing triggered my passion for reading about nutrition and herbal medicines in the University of Life in my early forties. Since then, I haven’t had an asthma attack or wheezed even after exercise. The days of wheezing and feeling like a dragon breathing fire are long gone.


When Elizabeth Schultz of Authors’ Lounge invited me recently to submit this article online, my first thought was, oh good, people could save their lives with what they find out in my book. The people whom I feel would benefit most by reading Diary Of A Scribbler are anyone over the age of forty, those wanting to slow down ageing with the power of natural, non-addictive medicines, and readers adversely affected by commmon conditions such as psoriasis, IBS, fibromyalgia or early signs of dementia. My book takes readers on a journey which shows how I conquered my depression and insomnia amongst other conditions. I suffered from depression when I was a child, and it flared up for long spells during my adolescence, and when I was in pain with fibromyalgia (which I cured in 2014).


I hope it will encourage people to pick up a book about nutrition and herbal medicines like the one I picked up in my thirties, Nutrients A to Z by Dr Michael Sharon, and learn about these things, so that one day they will feel equipped to overcome many common conditions by themselves. A condition which I would like people to understand better is dementia as this can be nipped in the bud before neural pathways are severely damaged. My book shows people how I did this. I also hope my book will prevent people from saying, dismissively, “my memory’s not as sharp as it used to be when I was younger… it’s only old age,” till one day they realize they have dementia. It’s too late to reverse because neural pathways have been severely damaged through self neglect or poor diet. As I believe there is a dementia time-bomb ticking away in the UK and many countries amongst long term heavy drinkers, insomniacs and people plagued by sleep disorders, I wanted to raise awareness of what might happen in future if action is not taken to begin dismantling that bomb right now. Action taken now could save many lives; time is of the essence. My book gives an account of my own battle with early dementia and how I restored my memory substantially with the power of natural medicines and how I got back my mojo in my late fifties.


I’m a debut author. I want to help people improve their lives and reduce their pain and suffering. If I manage to do that, I’ll be happy. I slowed down ageing in myself. I want people to know that miracles do happen. Mother Nature has amazing ‘miracle cures’ which are cheaper than many over the counter medicines. I stopped a stroke from paralysing me with an amino acid, a natural tranquillizer, in September 2014. Like all my medicines, it was non-addictive. After I drank a glass of full fat milk in January 2014, I stopped a major angina attack from killing me with raw garlic. The crushing pain was intensifying rapidly in my jaw and left arm, both simultaneously while I was chewing raw garlic cloves and swallowing this. Within an hour, the pain in my jaw and left arm had gone.

My Self-Help eBook #DiaryofaScribbler is available at Amazon and all major eBook retailers, like Troubador for £5.99. It is a partial fundraiser mainly for three charities:

#NSPCC (UK child protection)

#Samaritans (UK mental health)




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