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This novel is an authentic account of the peoples I met, the
places I went and the events that occurred on the sequential
journeys to and from one of the last of the great continents.
The body of this work was principally derived from
journals I kept and written notations I made of experiences
as they happened. They are factual records elaborated on
from the observations, mental notes, and the genuine
recollections that became the prime influences that shaped
this novel.

These are the memoirs of young adventure and folly, set
down in a time of youthful mind-expanding exploration and
self-recognition. They are the last vestiges of the idealism
and euphoric altruism that was wrought in the early to mid-

I will recount the story of two naïve youngsters who set out
on a journey into the unknown and the snares and pitfalls
that lay ahead on a path of constant twists and turns, which
developed inexorably toward its final consequence.
While Africa has its own strange and wild splendor, so too
has South America its own rugged untamed beauty and
chronicled past, for it is the tale of a young frontier.

Part I of the book is dedicated to the five-month adventure
of traveling with my old friend Donald McKinnon by light
truck vehicle, down through North America and on to its
sister America in the South in the year 1973.


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