Dance of the Jester, by Koos Verkaik

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What is your book all about? 

Original title: De Dans van De Nar, published in The Netherlands.

Published by Outer Banks Publishing Group, North Carolina, USA.

Contracts signed for Hindi translation, Spanish translation, French translation.

Suddenly, at the end of the twenty-first century, world changes.

The tycoons rule and name themselves kings.

They are times of extravagance and decadence, extreme power and richness. 

The world is one big party.

And there is chaos!

No one seems to wonder how this all had come to be.

No one seems to wonder what is actually happening.

No one seems to care about anything anymore.

Except for some odd outsiders.

One of them is Oscar Man, the illegitimate son of tycoon Otto Man. 

Once he was a prince; then he became a pariah, with nothing to lose for himself and so much to win for the world…

In these turbulent times, the Second Renaissance, strange creatures come into power and try to subject every single human being. But Oscar Man appears to be a very strange creature too and he shows the way to freedom.  His journey leads him from Switzerland to the USA and back in his relentless search for a special manuscript that will bring the highly necessary revelation. 

The enemy makes the poor jester Oscar Man dance. But ultimately the former prince will manage to solve the world’s biggest problems ever!

What inspired you to write the book? 

The Dance of The Jester is an intriguing novel that runs parallels with the reality today, and contains strong elements of future predictability which are subtlety revealed especially to those with discernment and who are able to read between the lines…

Tycoons rule the world (business first, no matter what).

24/7 festivities for all people all over the globe (unlimited bread and games).

The ones who rule are the ones who divide the cake (only the tycoons themselves benefit).

Everything around you changes (and there is nothing you can do about it).

It is all about more monetary gains and greed, and the lust for ultimate power!

Those who hold the power shall deliberate and plan about your future (except you are not invited).

The runaway train of greed has left the station (and no one is able to stop it).

Governments have disappeared (powerful bankers in collusion with business corporates have come to the throne).

A colorful world from the outside (yet grey and dull becomes the reality as experienced from the inside).

We all knew deep down in our conscious awareness that this would happen someday (and now the signs are doing the telling that it has all already begun).

The entire world has gone raving mad (and only a jester can change things around).

Dance of The Jester is a novel of encrypted truths and fears, destined to reach its culmination in the not-so-distant future but its recognizable and ominous signature makes it abundantly clear that a great calamity could overshadow a world already at peril and could make its destructive presence known at any moment in time – or has it indeed already begun?!

What is your target audience for the book

I never picture a certain kind of reader when I write a novel – I can only write the way I am, it will always be a ‘Koos Verkaik Novel’ and it is up to the reader to like it or not. I have been a copywriter and know very well how to write short and to the point and how to keep the reader interested. But writing a novel is not a commercial affair, it is all about explaining what you feel deep inside. 

What do you hope readers could get out from your book?

This goes for all of my novels: read between the lines! You can read my work as entertainment, full of magic, mystery and adventure. But the intelligent reader who is able to read between the lines, will find out what I think about life.

Life itself is so complex, interesting and intriguing – and then there are the miracles, the unexplainable things, the scary sides of our behavior, the imposing wonder of the universe… That is what I write about, novel after novel… And in the meantime I wrote more than 70 different titles.

What are your future goals/plans for the book? 

Dance of the Jester is the flagship of my fleet of books. I hope it will be a film soon. The sales are good and I am very proud of this book. My publisher Outer Banks Publishing Group has produced a perfect paperback.

And something more about yourself.

Koos Verkaik is the author of more than 70 different titles (and many, many books written under pseudonym)!

Koos Verkaik is a Dutch author of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and children’s books. He started writing at the age of seven, composing adventurous stories in notebooks, and had his first writing assignment with the comic character Scotty Clay in the weekly Sjors when he was sixteen, writing four pages every week. 

Koos Verkaik wrote his first novel, the science fiction thriller Adolar, during one weekend when only 18 years of age. The novel was published immediately. A seasoned children’s book writer, one of his series of books has sold over 450,000 copies in just the Netherlands! 

Koos has worked as a copywriter, script writer for audio books, song composer, and has written hundreds of scripts for comic books published all over Europe. 

Master of creating sensational works full of magic, horror, mystery and adventure, this terrific author called “the Dutch Stephen King” (European Penthouse Magazine), now writes for Outer Banks Publishing Group, USA: the novels The Nibelung Gold, Heavenly Vision, Neanderthal Dreams, plus the great series of children’s books Saladin the Wonder Horse. And now the astounding novel Dance of The Jester!



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