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Hello, All!

My name is G.G. Gleason, and I write contemporary romance. Thank you to the Authors’ Lounge for letting me tell you a bit more about myself and my latest release, Control. I am an independently published author. I have been writing in some form or another since early childhood. Poems, songs, screenplays, short stories, you name it. I sat down and wrote my first full length novel, a contemporary romance called Loving Eliza, in 2012. I didn’t write my second one until several years later, but since then, it’s been full steam ahead! I currently have a four book series, Southern Sins, as well as two stand alone books published and available for purchase through Amazon. 

Control is my first ever novella, at just under fifty thousand words. It is highly emotional, angry, sexually charged, and one of my favorite pieces of literature I’ve ever written. It tells the story of Meredith, who is fed up in her dead end relationship. She moves out, moves on, and is looking for a one night stand with the hottest man she can find. She finds Rob, who is exactly what she needs, and so much more.

This novella was written smack dab in the middle of the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine. I hadn’t left my house in months, due to being a high risk patient, and the solitude had gotten to me. The concept of this contemporary romance book was inspired by a very real, very awful fight I had with my husband. Horrible things were said, boundaries were crossed, and I found myself seething in anger all day every day. 

It felt like I had two options: leave, or get my anger out in a different way. I chose the latter. I sat down with my computer and just wrote. And wrote, and wrote, and wrote. The first draft of this book was written in five days. It poured out of me; all the anger, the hurt, the frustration, the pain, as well as the desire to simply be heard. 

Today, I playfully refer to this book as a “revenge f*ck in book form.” It’s hot, angry, aggressive, and sexy right from the start. I am so proud of it, even though it came out of something terrible. This was my way of working through my feelings, getting them all out of me, and I’m proud that Control was the end result. 

The target audience for this book is anyone who has been treated poorly, ignored, made to feel less than, or really, anyone else who at some point wanted to strangle their significant other while trapped at home with them all of last year. I hope that readers see that they were not alone, after all. We all struggled in our own ways, and that’s okay. Even in the darkness, we can find a way to turn it into something good. 

I would love for this book to make its way around to readers by word of mouth and reviews. Amazon does not allow romance books to advertise, so I’m somewhat at the mercy of my readers to spread the word for me, as well as great organizations like the Authors’ Lounge. I am on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, telling the world about my books, and am always thankful when other wonderful people online help me get the word out.  

I chose the independent publishing route due to suffering from chronic disease. I have Adult Congenital Heart Disease. It affects one of out every one hundred babies born in the United States. In January of this year I had to have heart surgery to correct several dangerous arrhythmias. It was long and arduous, but I’m doing much better, thankfully! It’s another reason why I’m so proud of this book. I wrote it as my health was deteriorating, and published it less than two months post procedure. None of it was easy. In fact, a lot of the time it all felt impossible. But I kept going, little by little, and I’m honestly so proud of myself for never giving up. 

Stress is the number one thing I must avoid in my life to retain my heart health, so setting my own timelines, release dates, and being able to give myself as much time as I need to write, edit, and publish is very important for me.  

Coming up next from me is a slow burn, friends to lovers, European trip of a lifetime romance titled Worth the Wait. It will be released on July 6th, and is available for preorder for only $.99 until release day. This fall I will release a Rom-Com friends-to-lovers book with plenty of steam and laughs. Come winter, my first Christmas novel will be released! Big things ahead, and I’m excited to share all these fun, loving characters with readers. If you love reading contemporary romance, I’m sure you’ll love what I’ve written!

I love writing. It is my happy place. It is my release. It is how I make sense of this crazy world and the feelings that are constantly rolling around inside of me. I love being able to share my stories with the world, and hope that others will enjoy reading them. 

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