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Charles Knause Image with ReadersMagnetCharles Stephen Knause was born on September 21st, 1950 in West Jersey Hospital located on Mt. Ephraim Avenue in Camden, New Jersey. Many, if not most of the autobiographical sketches that the author creates that form the basis of his present literary opus are stories about life in and around the Philadelphia area and its surrounds that include Camden New Jersey which is located directly across the Delaware River on the New Jersey side of the river that separates Pennsylvania from New Jersey,

Mr. Knause holds a B.S. in psychology obtained from the University of Central Florida with its main campus located in Orlando and is presently pursuing his doctoral degree in psychology at Keiser University in West Palm Beach. He has been an active member of the YMCA since the late 1970s and was formerly associated with the Unitarian Universalist Society of the Greater Daytona Beach Area located in Ormond Beach were he presently resides. The author/poet has published five other books that are part of what he calls his Loose Leaves series, was a write in candidate for the US House of Representatives ( 7th District FL) in 2002. Even though disabled the author was able to maintain part-time employment in numerous related areas that include fund raising, social activism, building security, even worked as an art model in Philadelphia where he resided from the early 1980s to 1996.

Loose Leaves and Palm Trees by Charles Knause- cover

Photo on book cover was taken by authors mother Mrs. Mary Schnyder

Charles Stephen Knause is the author of a five part series published by Lulu, Inc. that honors the poet of democracy Walt Whitman who spent the latter part of his life in Camden, New Jersey. Loose Leaves, Loose Leaves & Sycamore Trees, Loose Leaves & Palm Trees, Loose Leaves & Oak Trees, and the final concluding volume Loose Leaves V: A Mixed Bag can all be purchased online through and the other major online booksellers.

This present volume marks a new beginning for the author/poet, in that it consists entirely of poems written mostly over a two to three year period of involvement with a poetry workshop known as the Live Poets Society that met monthly in Daytona Beach. Nearly all of these poems employ a rhyming format that the author found useful as a means or recapturing the rhythm of poetry through the mechanism of rhyming something that the so called modern free verse crowd decidedly felt was very uncool. Loose Leaves and Palm Trees by Charles Knause- introIn the present post-modern era the prose like nature of modernist free verse decades now seems, to this poet/author to be decidedly uncool and hence the need for a revision modernist definition of the poetic art that seeks to reconnect to the traditional on a conditional basis. The author shares these private attempts of attaining a kind of cosmic consciousness through the use of the poetic idiom in the hope that others may find meaning, enlightenment, and perhaps a glimpse of cosmic consciousness therein.


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