Celeste: A True Story of Losing and Finding Hope by Dyan Zepeda

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First, I would like to say how honored I am to be able to share more about my book,Celeste, with you, and I want to thank the Author’s Lounge for this opportunity. Celeste is a true story and is very near and dear to my heart. Celeste has it all, from loss, grief, and the trials of military life to an unexpected diagnosis, a child’s fight to survive, a near-death experience, a mother’s surrender, betrayal, a miracle, a wish granted, hope lost, hope found, and hope shared with thousands.

It all started the day I unexpectedly lost my mom when I was twenty-three years old and seven months pregnant. My mother was only fifty-three when she died. As I walked out of her hospital room that day, having no idea what was to come, she said, “Dyan, I want the baby’s middle name to be Celeste.” I told her not to worry about that and that we would talk about it when she came home. But she never did come home. Those were the last words I ever heard from her. Little did I know that the name “Celeste” would become so much more than a last request.

I chose to write this book to bring hope to others and also to inspire them. However,writing it was also extremely beneficial for me. It allowed me to grieve in a way I had never really allowed myself to do, and because of that I was finally able to heal.

In addition to finding inspiration and hope, I want my readers to know that although there may be many times in life when they feel hopeless and want to give up, they can get through it, and they are not alone. The greatest lesson I learned from my daughter’s struggles is not to let an unexpected roadblock define who you are or determine your outcome. You may need to take a different path, but keep going! You never know where this unexpected turn may lead you.

My future goal for Celeste is to have it written as a screenplay and then turned into a feature film. I have also written four children’s books. My Grandma Went to Heaven is out now, and the Littlest Lamb will be out this December. My Sweet Dreams Pillow and My Father Fought for Freedom will be out by the summer of 2021.

Recently,my writing has taken another unexpected turn. With no singing ability whatsoever, I have managed to write four songs, which are now available on Spotify and AppleMusic.

I am a military wife, a mother of three, and a grandmother. My children are my greatest achievement. I am so proud of them. My eldest is a teacher, my middle child is a firefighter/EMT, and my youngest (Amarissa Celeste) is a college student studying veterinary science.

Once again, I appreciate this opportunity from the Author’s Lounge,and I hope even this short article helps inspire and bring hope to others. Life is fragile and beautiful, so take in every moment, live each day to the fullest, and love with everything you have.

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  1. Jenna Zepeda

    What a BEAUTIFUL story.


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