Cain: Darker Days Are Yet to Come: Dennis Beggs

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My name is Dennis Beggs. I am 42 years old. I was born on   a cold January morning in 1977. Moreover, as you can probably can tell already yes I am a Capricorn. Even though I am a winter sign, I am not accustomed to the winter. These are the months I write. I have two books presently.

The first is some poetry, or limericks if you are a stickler on the poems have to rhyme thing. In addition, it contains the first taste of my series of vampire books, yes yet another vampire book. It is titled Twisted Peace (colors hidden in shadow); also, it contains the first six chapters of Cain. The second book Cain (darker days are yet to come) is the continuation. Told through the eyes of Cain, from the slaying of his brother Able to gaining the mark and the curse.

For a day job I am a tattooist, I have owned my own shop for a year now and am not living in a box. So I`m taking that as I have a pretty good thing going right now. I think that in a way my artistic drive is not money as much as it is the drive one has to live forever. I believe that for me I know I won’t last forever.

Mortality is always making itself known with each passing day. However, when I`m gone I have a part of me left behind until my last tattoo is claimed by the earth. Yet in my words, they will last until words are no longer spoken.

That sums me up pretty good, I think. I hope that whomever reads what floods my head enjoys it for what it is. I know that I enjoy making them, so thank you for helping me achieve immortality. (Add dramatic music here)

 Cain: Darker Days Are Yet to Come – The book

Cain: Darker Days Are Yet to Come is the continuation of Twisted Peace: Colors Hidden in Shadow (available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and also for the Nook or Kindle). It is the story of Cain, who has been cursed and sentenced to roam the earth in his true form: a vampire. He wanders in the shadows, confused and angry at his carnal need for blood. Along his travels he meets Bael, who is a very convincing friend. Cain doesn’t trust him, but how can he survive without some guidance?


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