Cadre Kids: Larceny by Mary Mulligan

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Elizabeth Schultz was so sweet for reaching out to me about Authors’ Lounge. Creating a service that helps new authors share who they are and information about their work is such a wonderful. Simple things such as allowing a new author to have a voice means a ton to me—I appreciate it!

The Cadre Kids series is written in hopes to encourage teenagers to handle injustices through wholesome ways with self discipline and control. My plans for Cadre Kids is to create a fun fictional thriller series that tackles many aspects of today’s ever changing dynamics with honesty.

Cadre Kids: Larceny is book one of my series. The goal of Larceny was to develop the teenagers characters through fun experiences and demonstrate their existing home life. The book also develops the protagonists in the series. 

Being my first book, I actually wrote book one and two as one large book. My wonderful editor Valerie, who has been in the book business a while, explained to me the difficulty of print as well as print costs. The divide I selected between book one and two happens naturally, but to say more may be a spoiler to the plot.

The book is about features Jake and Rosa Murphy—two smart-sheltered-homeschooled children. Together with their older brother, Ted, the children grasp onto the innocents of youth through ghost-hunting adventures with hopes of becoming YouTube stars.

Growing up beyond the grasp of politics comes to an abrupt halt when school choice gets pushed as a bipartisan bill in effort to eliminate illiteracy, but could it force the three children into public high school.

Their mother creates the gravest mistake by exercising her first amendment right to redress the grievance that the bill doesn’t allow for homeschooling. She does this by questioning a corrupt Congressman and openly disagrees with the bill.

After becoming national headlines and a target for injustice perpetuated by the Congressman’s aide, the children’s parents help them cope by turning to Jiu Jitsu. 

            Book two, Cadre Kids: Illusion, continues the story. Since it was originally written as one big book, it doesn’t go back to reintroduce characters and simply continues the flow of the story. As I continue to learn the book business I hope to be able to offer the both books together. The other advantage to new authors is the change in preference to e-books. It allows us to introduce new reads at a more affordable rate.

I was inspired to write in the young adult genre, because teenagers are underestimated. They’re so much smarter than society deems them. My own fun break from reality is with a great book. With all the craziness in the world, I wonder if today’s teenagers learn to escape with a good book. My hope is that by creating a fun fictional book, more teenagers will turn towards reading as an outlet.

            The initial reason I changed careers and began writing was to be able to spend more time with one of my dogs that had health issues. A fun fact about the book is that most all the character names used are dog names except for a few truly evil protagonists. A love of mine is caring for and training dogs. I work with multiple pet rescues and while I owned a small plane flew transport missions coordinated through

            Much like Authors’ Lounge, it is an organization that helps get the word out except its word is about transport needs for fur baby’s to forever homes. Thank you for allowing me to share my story through your wonderful platform! A wise person warned me that writing a great book is hard, but getting the word out about a great book is harder. Authors’ Lounge is empowering new authors to help share our work. 


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