Brightly, the Grounded Angel by Gay Sauer

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Ever wonder what an author’s lounge looks like?  You can be sure that it is somewhat different from the restful room that ‘lounge’ usually describes.  Come into my lounge and let me point out to you some of the differences.

     Primarily, there is clutter.  Scraps of paper that absolutely must not be moved are scattered over a table.  These scraps have a relationship to each other and eventually they will be organized to tell the story of Brightly, a little angel who has trouble getting along with the other angels in the heavenly spheres.  He is going to get booted out of heaven, but it is a move that will eventually be a blessing not only to Brightly, but to many, many children through the centuries.  How all this comes to pass is scribbled on those notes that clutter this Author’s Lounge.  The notes will eventually become “Brightly, the Grounded Angel,” a children’s book that even adults enjoy reading.

Gay Sauer | Author: Brightly, the Grounded Angel | ReadersMagnet

     This author believes that little children can learn to love reading if good stories are made available to them.  Further, this author does not talk down to children, but tells her stories in language that is intended to increase their vocabulary.  She does this because as a child she was given a six-volume set of books that made all the difference in her educational process.  The set is the New Human Interest Library, printed by The Midland Press, Chicago, in 1934.  I have often said that if the house were on fire and I had to grab treasures and run for my life, these books and a few portraits would be my choices to save. 

     Authors like myself love words and language.  It is not surprising, then, to see a good dictionary standing nearby their favorite chair in their Author’s Lounge.  It needs to be at hand, for their business, after all, is ‘words, words, words’ – with apologies to Shakespeare.

     “Brightly, the Grounded Angel” is more than just words; it is a story whose charm is enhanced by the colorful illustrations by John Ever. The feedback from readers of all ages is very positive, and this Author’s Lounge is satisfied that all that clutter eventually became a book of merit!  This slender volume can rest with pride alongside that old set of childhood books that inspired me to love learning and get excited about the stories that words can tell. My book is available at my website or you can go to Amazon, Ingram and Barnes and Noble.


  1. Hummer

    I believe this is a great book to introduce children to religious concepts.

    • Claire

      My daughter’s teacher brought this book to her class. She definitely enjoyed it.


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