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From industrial warehouses to expensive loft house designs, Tribeca transforms into a hub of arts and culture in New York. The Empire State Book Tour will turn the place into a world of literary exhibitions and trade shows.

ReadersMagnet designs the Book Confab in addition to The Festival of Storytellers and NYLA Conference & Trade Show to complete the triad for the Empire State Book Tour this year. Aims to be a gathering of book enthusiasts, the Book Confab is set to be conducted in one of the most expensive and celebrity-populated districts of the Triangle Below Canal Street, popularly known as Tribeca or TriBeCa.

Artistic Location and Loft Designs

Despite the “triangle” in the name Tribeca, this famous neighborhood in Lower Manhattan looks quadrangle surrounded by four major streets: Canal Street, Broadway, West Street, and Chambers. The panoramic Hudson River on the western border adds to the aesthetic composition of the area. The old warehouses abandoned in the 19th century have transformed into apartments, restaurants, stores, and stylish loft houses. It is now a place only the rich can afford to buy, with a median sales price of $3,150,000.00.

The scenic spot is an ideal hangout to connect with writers, book lovers, artists, publishers, and decision-makers. Eventually, it has been a location for previous art, literary, and cultural events.

Show Business and Popular Culture

Behind the impressive architecture of Tribeca lives the famous personalities in show business, such as Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Robert De Niro. This validates the costly living in the area.

After the infamous September 11 attacks, the Tribeca Film Festival was created to breathe new life into the neighborhood. The spirit of pop culture reinvigorates the vicinity affecting not only the locals but the world as well. As a result, being in this place could be an opportunity for new and veteran authors to connect with people of influence, either in the entertainment world or business firms.

Strategic Marketing and Book Fairs

Going back to the main reason for heading to Tribeca on October 28-30, 2022, ReadersMagnet finds a way to take advantage of the incoming 2022 New York Library Association (NYLA) Conference & Trade Show. The Book Confab in Tribeca is a prelude event before the NYLA Conference & Trade Show in Saratoga Springs.

The three-day event in Tribeca is a strategic marketing initiative for the authors to take advantage of. This is also a hype program for the ongoing Season 3 of the online book fair, The Festival of Storytellers, from October 24 to November 6, 2022. Indeed, the three concurrent book events are intensive enough to overhaul your branding as an author and promote your literary works simultaneously.

One of the activities during the RM Book Confab in Tribeca is called BookTok. In this activity, a guest or fairgoer reads an excerpt from a book that will be recorded through video documentation. The recorded video can be uploaded on ReadersMagnet’s TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook for online content and book promotion. This is in addition to newsletters and blog articles published during the event.

For more information about the Tribeca event or ReadersMagnet Book Confab, you can get in touch with our consultants at 1-800-805-0762. You can also contact us at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you the soonest as possible.


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