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About the Book

Wally’s Misadventure is a children’s book by teacher and author Chrys Wimer. It was first published in July 31, 2018. The 37-page animal adventure book tells the story of Wally. Wally is raccoon who allowed his excitement to get the best of him. reads,

“Wally had been cooped up all winter and was ready for a great adventure!  His chores came, then after his father reminded him of the rules, Wally was off.  The first rule was to never go exploring alone, but when none of Wally’s friends could go, he was determined to go anyway.  Look inside to find out what Wally faces on his adventure!”

Wally’s Misadventures offer a lot of lessons especially for young kids. More than Wally’s outdoor mishaps, it also tells about the importance of listening to your parents and the value of having friends around. One character in the book, Ivy, is named after Chrys Wimer’s grandmother who lived a long life (105 years old) and loved music.

As a teacher, Chrys Wimer’s book has proved useful in teaching her students (1st and 2nd grade) valuable lessons. In fact, she reads the book to her students whenever she has time.

Author Background

Chrys Wimer is a teacher. She taught at a private school to grades K-4. Currently, she is a substitute teacher for Clovis Unified School District in Clovis, California. Chrys Wimer was born and raised in Fresno. She has a degree in Psychology from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita. He earned her Multiple Subject teaching credential from California State University. She is also active in various ministries in her church. Her other interests include reading, photography, traveling, crafting, cooking/baking, and singing.


  1. Emily

    I would recommend this book to parents with growing children.

    • rebecca

      I second! It helped me teach my son how to do chores.


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