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About the Book

The Nanny of Keck Park is a children’s book by author and illustrator Mary Catherine Rishcoff. It tells the story of the nanny of Keck Park, a hearty gray-haired, twinkling-eyed woman. The “Nanny” is a constant figure going about in the park. She roams the park doing charitable deeds to people she encounters. The Nanny has a special bag, assort of a magical bag that contains various kinds of surprises.

As the narrative progresses, the readers realize that the elderly woman has a special power. Her twinkling, brilliant eyes can “touch” the hearts of people she encounters. Later in the story, we found out that the Nanny of Keck Park used to work as an actual nanny. Even if that was many years ago, she retains the attitude of a nanny. She always likes looking after people and being so generous to their needs.

The Nanny of Keck Park is a light read with funny illustrations. It tells about generosity and caring for other people. Mary Catherine Rishcoff brings out a child’s innocence through simple narratives and even simpler drawings. These child-like colorful illustrations reflect the pureness of her story. The Nanny of Keck Park is a recommended book for children and those who want to revisit their childhood innocence.

Author Background

Mary Catherine Rishcoff lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She writes short books for children. Aside from being an author, she is also an illustrator. Mary Catherine is a graduate of College Misericordia (now named Misericordia University) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She is the author of two children’s book- The Treetop, the Wind, and the Balloon. Nanny of Keck Park. As an illustrator, Rishcoff uses various style and techniques. However, in her book The Nanny of Keck Park, most of the drawings feature intricate designs.


  1. Cynthia Seager

    Mary is as sweet and lovable as the Nanny of Keck Park. So it’s a pleasure to picture Mary’s character in a role as a nanny.

  2. Kaylee

    I read this book to my daughter and she loves to hear more about the Nanny.

    • Charito

      This book is a good example for children to follow.


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