Book Feature: The Nine Lives of Curious Edith

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ReadersMagnet presents The Nine Lives of Curious Edith, a biography by Edith King Vosefski.

Edith King Vosefski is an author, actress, passionate educator, a renowned speaker, and an expert in the subject of good manners and etiquette. She has published several children’s illustrated books as well. Today, we are going to learn more about the inspiring life of Edith King Vosefski and her works.

The Nine Lives of Curious Edith

The Nine Lives of Curious Edith  is an autobiography published in November last year. The book is the latest published work by author and renowned etiquette expert Edith King Vosefski. In this book, readers will discover the simple yet extraordinary life of Edith King Vosefski. It covers her childhood, family, education, and her achievements, both personal and scholarly. It also covers her many journeys, from motherhood to being a teacher, an administrator to being a passionate educator of adults and displaced workers. Edith’s incredible talents and skills are highlighted in this fantastic biography of a truly amazing individual. Her immense contribution to education and learning continues to inspire many even today. Despite her own personal challenges (Vosefski suffered a few years ago), Edith continues her passion for sharing her knowledge and creativity with others. Readers will encounter many lessons and words of wisdom in this work. The Nine Lives of Curious Edith is a heartwarming narrative that should be read by anyone who aspires to live a truly fulfilling life. Edith King Vosefski is an inspiration to us all.

Meet the unstoppable Edith Vosefski, an eternal optimist who hails from Downers Grove, Illinois! The Nine Lives of Curious Edith chronicles her life of love and caring for others with a unique sense of humor that models life can be fun as well as serious. After college, she was a housemother in a children’s home, a teacher, homemaker, program administrator in a psychiatric hospital, and founder of the Northern Illinois School of Etiquette. Her story takes the reader on a lively, humorous, and faith-filled journey from the horse-drawn ice wagons of her childhood through her courtship, sixty-four-year marriage to her husband Joe, and their international travels together. Edith first became an author in her seventies and finished The Nine Lives of Curious Edith just after her ninetieth birthday while dealing with the residual effects of a stroke. Her memoir will capture your heart and inspire you to keep growing and learning at any age… just like Edith does! (book description)

Other Works by Edith King Vosefski

Edith King Vosefski is also known for her children’s books that teach young readers about good manners and etiquette. The featured Vosefski books on The Nine Lives by Curious Edith are:

Marianna’s Little Book of Manners for Children (2006)

Leo’s Out Of This World Adventure (2015)

Leo and the Spirit of Golden Boy: Take a Remarkable Journey with Leo and his Friends (2017)

About the Author

Author Edith King Vosefski is an accomplished etiquette expert, teacher, actress, and speaker. She is the founder of the Etiquette School of Northern Illinois and served as its director. Now, she continues to share her knowledge of manners through her published children’s books. Edith King Vosefski is often invited to speak on the subject of etiquette. She has appeared on local television shows. Edith writes for her own newspaper column entitled “Hats Off to Etiquette”.

Edith King Vosefski holds an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University’s College of Speech and a master’s degree in communication science from Governor’s State University. At age 73, Edith completed her training in etiquette at the American School of Protocol in Atlanta, GA. She later founded the Etiquette School of Northern Illinois.  

Edith King Vosefski also became a tutor for homebound students. She then helped with the launch of Operation ABLE (Ability Based on Long Experience). ABLE helps displaced, older workers find gainful employment. Vosefski taught adults at the College of DuPage and helped more than 200 families leave their welfare role.

To know more about Edith King Vosefski, purchase her books on Amazon, or visit her website today.


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