Book Feature: The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum

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The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum is a poetry book that celebrates life, love, and faith.

Prose and poetry have always inspired humanity since the dawn of civilization. It has inspired warriors to go to battle, captured the hearts of lovers for thousands of years, and it has preserved time and memories with its narratives handed from generation to generation. Poetry also became a way to express our communion and faith in God. Since the early days of the Old Testament, prose, poetry, and songs were already used to praise and worship God. Today, modern poetry continues to do so.

The Color of Love: Celebrating Life and Love

The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum is a collection of prose and poetry that expresses one’s praise and devotion to God. It was published in 2018 and continues to inspire readers to see the goodness and beauty of life. In his book, Quattlebaum minces no words about his faith in God and the daily blessings that He showers upon humanity. Through his verses, Raymond shares to his readers the energy and wisdom in recognizing the beauty of God’s creation and grace. The Color of Love is a truly remarkable masterpiece that everyone should read.

“The Color Of Love is a book of poetry. At the same time, it’s a book of romance. Love is the most Powerful Emotion in the Universe. God is Unconditional Love. We are the offspring of God’s love in human reality. The front cover of the book, The Color Of Love is eye-catching. 

The illustration of the moon and stars is breathtaking. You would want to read the book just by seeing the cover itself. I chose the moon and stars because it is the significance of life, a reflection of love in its divine beauty. It drowns you with curiosity. 

Most people say, “I’ll do better than that. I’ll open up the book for myself and read it.” To their surprise, they become very much involved and find the book quite interesting and don’t want to put the book down and wind up buying it out of satisfaction and content.

The cover of the book is Poetry In Motion. The true essence of the cover is The Color Of Love. But the real beauty is inside the book when you open up the book and begin to read it. You would have a broader understanding of why I call my book The Color Of Love.”

(excerpt from the book description)

The Color of Love is not just a collection of poetry that praises God and gives thanks to all the beautiful things in this world. It is also a testament to Raymond Quattlebaum’s talent and his dedication to literature. His poetry is written with passion and consistency. This is not the only poetry book that Raymond published. Just like his other book, Poetry in Motion, Raymond uses words to not only express his ideas but also to inspire others to find their own emotions and insights.

The Color of Love by Raymond Quattlebaum is an earnest contribution to today’s modern poetry.

About the Author

Raymond Quattlebaum is of African-American heritage. His love for poetry started when he was still young. In third grade, Raymond wrote poems for his teacher Mrs. Albert. Impressed by his talent, Raymond’s teacher published his poems in their school newspaper. Poetry and music inspired Raymond to pursue writing. One of his major influences is the legendary singing group Earth, Wind, & Fire, which he listened to since his teenage years. Raymond’s poetry evolved over the years and the book The Color of Love is a compilation of some of his works. He is also the author of another poetry book, Poetry in Motion. 


In 2018, Raymond Quattlebaum’s The Color of Love was recognized by Publisher’s Weeklyas one of the best-read books of the year. In 2019, Publisher’s Weekly featured the Color of Love in their magazine.

To know more about Raymond Quattlebaum and his works, check out his published books, or visit his website today.


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