Book Feature: The Blame Game by Dr. Neil Farber

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The Blame Game by Dr. Neil Farber is a definitive guidebook from one of the leading figures in psychology today.

Dr. Neil Farber is an expert in conflict management, goal-setting processes, and wellness. Over the years, he has helped many people achieve success through his books, including Throw Away Your Vision Board and The No Blaming Zone. Today, we will feature another remarkable guidebook from Dr. Neil Farber.

The Blame Game: The Complete Guide to Blaming: How to Play and How to Quit

The Blame Game by Dr. Neil Farber is a 2014 guidebook that looks at the world’s oldest game- the blame game. In this 190-page part history book, part playbook, Dr. Neil Farber introduces us to the blame game’s rules, techniques, and advanced strategies, which he refers to as an ancient pastime.

“One of the first things you’ll learn is how to pick a Target of Blame (TOB)– “the scapegoat, the stooge, the donkey” — as Farber writes. Wars, wildfires, terrorism, and talk shows are all to blame … and somebody’s to blame for all of those. In fact, a skilled player could follow the Chain of Blame (COB) all the way back to the cavemen. And Farber does. An experienced player can blame anything or anyone at any time. Students not succeeding in school? Blame the teachers. Or the parents. Or the teachers’ parents, or the pencils. Bad day at the office? Blame the boss. Of course, blame the employees if you are the boss.” (Excerpt from Book Description)

In this modern world, where stressors surround us daily, we need a tool to help us navigate through life without sacrificing our physical and mental wellness. This is where Dr. Neil Farber’s The Blame Game comes in. In his book, Dr. Farber uses evidence-based methods focusing on how to convert negatives into positives, beginning with moving beyond blame to accountability. His examples, insights, and lessons are a path to empowerment and living a more fulfilling life.

Overall, The Blame Game by Dr. Neil Farber is a remarkable book that provides readers with the right inspiration, comprehensive knowledge, and the appropriate tools that they need to accept responsibility and gain control of their life. The Blame Game guides readers on how to improve their health, well-being, relationships, and careers by learning accountability. The beauty of this book is that anyone can pick it up and absorb the lessons that Dr. Neil Farber wants to share. Whether you are a student, a parent, a corporate individual, a leader, or just a simple person wanting to live a more purposeful life, The Blame Game is perfect for you.

About the Author

Dr. Neil Farber is a physician, researcher, and life coach. As a leading figure in psychology, Dr. Farber holds dual doctorate degrees and a degree in psychology. He writes The Blame Game blog in the Happiness section for 

Dr. Neil is a member of the International Positive Psychology Association and National Wellness Task Force, the founder of the Dynamic Health & Wellness Institute, and lectures on conflict management, wellness, mindfulness, and goal-setting. He also founded The Action Board – the next generation in goal-setting tools. 

As an author, Dr. Neil Farber has published several groundbreaking books, including Throw Away Your Vision Board and The No Blaming Zone. When not busy with writing and other commitments, Dr. Neil Farber has lent his expertise in international medical missions in South America, Israel, Asia, Africa, and the Philippines, to which a portion of the book proceeds are donated.

You can purchase The Blame Game and other books by Dr. Neil Farber through Amazon and major bookstores. You can also visit his website for updates and details about his books.


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