Book Feature: Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z by Jamil Soucar

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Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z is a remarkable contribution to the industry by Jamil Soucar.

The construction industry covers many key areas. There’s the design, engineering, technology, techniques, construction per se, manpower, all the way up to the finishing touches and final components. Of course, it all depends on the scale and complexity of the project involved. However, needless to say, that managing construction is a tedious task and requires quite a demanding skillset and the right mindset. A construction manager is not only responsible for the materials, the pace, the day to day output, and monitoring. He is also in charge of people, their attitude towards work, how they perform, and their well-being as well. Jamil Soucar’s Construction Management guidebook provides a comprehensive approach to managing real-life construction management for those who want to learn and improve their construction management skills. Aptly titled, Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z, ReadersMagnet takes a closer look at this remarkable work by Jamil Soucar.

Jamil Soucar’s Construction Management Guide

Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z by Jamil Soucar was published in 2017. It offers a wide variety of topics all related to helping managers and contractors improve how they manage their projects. From theoretical guides to proven practices based on Jamil Soucar’s extensive experience both as a manager and a contractor. Readers will definitely enjoy the journey of the books as it is filled with valuable lessons, advice, and new perspectives on handling construction. What makes the book so exciting is that it caters to different perspectives, whether you are an owner, representative, architect, contractor, and builder. Truly, Jamil Soucar’s Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z presents itself as the master guidebook of construction management, if not, one of the most important pieces of literature as far as the construction industry is concerned.

 “Human nature, personalities, and egos are big factors in managing construction projects. The physical construction is the easiest part of the fabric of a project. The challenge is how to navigate through the multiple personalities, politics, and agendas, not to mention avoiding litigation in an industry that is very litigious. 2. A pre-bid meeting is a meeting with all the potential bidders and the owner’s team to discuss the specifics of the advertised project before submitting the bids.“ (excerpt from the book)

About the Author

Jamil Soucar is a season construction manager. He has worked on both sides of construction projects since 1983. His book, Real Life Construction Management Guide from A-Z is proof of his extensive experience as an owner and a contractor.

Soucar earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a certificate in Project Management from UCLA. He has held a wide variety of positions that gave him a well-rounded construction experience from a different perspective. His work experience enabled him to offer real-life guidelines and tips for best practices. Jamil Soucar also worked for Turner Construction, one of the largest construction firms in the United States. Jamil started his own company, Arc and Line LLC in 2007. He oversees construction projects and works as an expert witness in court for construction-related claims.

Aside from being a manager and contractor, Soucar also taught several classes and seminars and was named “Outstanding Faculty” at Westwood College for three years straight. His talents and interests Soucar also include martial arts as he holds a black belt in Kung-Fu. Jamil Soucar lives in California with his wife and two children. He loves to spend time with his family, play his piano, and travel.


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