Book Feature: Prediction Stories by Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins

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Prediction Stories is a childrens-memoir book by Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Atkins.

Children’s-Memoirs are memoirs designed to inspire young readers to do good, to overcome challenges, or to share a valuable lesson. They are unique from fables or other children’s stories because they are real childhood experiences written by the authors. Some of the most notable childrens-memoirs are A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, the classic bestseller The Art Lesson by Tomie DePaola, Sisters by Michael Berry, and When I Was Nine by James Stevenson. Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Atkins is a children’s book author who has published several notable works. One of her early works is a children’s-memoir entitled Prediction Stories.

Prediction Stories 

Published in 2016, Prediction Stories is Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins’s second book. In this book, Colleton-Akins shares experiences as a child growing in a close-knit family. She grew up in a family where storytelling is a huge part of their relationship. Colleton-Akins narrates how they would gather around their father to hear him tell stories about various topics, and how these storytelling sessions became their bonding moment. Prediction Stories is a heartwarming recollection of the past. The main stress of Colleton-Akins’s book is family. The book celebrates the power of the story and how they can inspire young minds and build kind and wise individuals.

The storytelling begins with the first child of Peter and Ruby Hester’s family. Friday night enjoyment time is conducted by my daddy sharing moments with the children named Sue Ann, Henry, and Jacquelyn. Every Friday, the television will be turned off at 2:00 p.m., and the family will prepare to eat dinner and then enjoy a sensational, thrilling, and fantastic story from our daddy. His story will inspire you, keep you thinking, and take you on an adventure to explore the wonders of life. 

One Friday, the stories opened us to the realities of our lives to come. My daddy lists his stories in four categories: (1) childhood stories, (2) dead-people stories, (3) family life stories, and (4) prediction stories. In the year 1955, my daddy told Henry, Sue Ann, and me a story/prediction that would last us our lifetime. The reality of life was opened up to us at a young age. I learned my daddy had the gift of predicting some events for his children and other people. (book description)

Overall, Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins is a delightful read that is both entertaining and inspiring as well.

Works by Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins

  • E-Babe Outer space Detective (2016)
  • Prediction Stories (2016)
  • My Experience (October 2017)
  • Liz Refuse to Fall (September 2018)
  • Two Trees (March 2018)
  • Alvin Can’t Jump (April 2019)

About Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins

Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins, PhD is from Jacksonville, Florida. She began writing the early age of three. With the help of her father who read to them interesting stories every Friday night. Her father would tell them stories about the past, present, and future. Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins also attended several colleges and universities. Currently, she is the Director and Private owner of Hester Tutoring Program in Walterboro, South Carolina, and Jacksonville, Florida. Colleton-Akins is the author of several books and publisher of three books with a five-star rating. Her first book, “E-Babe the Outer Space Detective,” garnered praises from readers. Prediction Stories is her second book.

Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins is a mother of four and has six grandchildren. Since 2013, she has been living in Walterboro, South Carolina. Colleton-Akins hopes to empower the public with her literary works about life’s journey for all age levels.


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