Book Feature: Lizzie and Leopold by Patricia A. Gummeson

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Lizzie and Leopold is a children’s fantasy book by Patricia A. Gummeson.

Children’s fantasy stories are works of literature that feature imagine reality or world and characters that could not possibly exist such as ultra-small or big people, creatures that are not real such as flying horses or talking plants, animals, or everyday objects. They also present a narrative of events that are unlikely or impossible to happen such as traveling through time, flying, and magically appearing to places. Over the years, there have been many children’s fantasy stories and they have captured the hearts of millions of readers across ages. Some of the famous children’s fantasy classics include Peter Pan by James Matthew Barrie (1904), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (1900), and the Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (1995). Today, we are going to feature a recently-published children’s fantasy book by Patricia A. Gummeson entitled Lizzie and Leopold.

Lizzie and Leopold by Patricia A. Gummeson

Lizzie and Leopold is a children’s fantasy story published in 2017. It is one of Patricia A. Gummeson’s early works. It tells the story of the friendship between the author and her friends, Lizzie and Leopold. Throughout the book, readers will learn about Lizzie and Leopold’s life and how they spend most of their time in a secret garden.

Every child has fantasies about fairies and dragons and everything in between. Children also have imaginary friends who stimulate their imaginations. Lizzie and Leopold are friends of mine and they spend a lot of time in my grandma’s secret garden, telling me about the neighborhood. They have introduced me to all their garden friends, and we have many conversations about their lives and what goes on in the garden. This is fantasy through a child’s eyes that everyone can relate to. Here’s hoping you enjoy all the characters in this little book as much as I have. (excerpt from book description)

Lizzie and Leopold by Patricia A. Gummeson is a 24-page children’s illustrated book that fun and delightful to read. It features a simple narrative and wonderfully-drawn illustrations. The book is recommended for children three years old and above.  

Other Works by Patricia A. Gummeson

Aside from Lizzie and Leopold, Patricia A. Gummeson is also the author of several other children’s books. Below are some of her published works.

  • Cecile and Cedric and the Crooked, Crickety Christmas Tree (2017)
  • Charlie’s Cukoo Little Choo-Choo (2017)
  • Regis and Reggie (2018)
  • Bonnie and Clyde (2019)

About the Author

Patricia A. Gummeson is also a mother of three, grandmother of four, great-grandmother of eight, and great, great grandmother of one. She loves to tell stories to the little ones, thus Lizzie and Leopold appeared in her imagination.

In addition to her love of writing, she is a hobby nut – sewing, quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, flower arranging, tole painting, to name a few. However, her main claim to fame is making porcelain dolls and figurines from scratch. Patricia’s many blue ribbons have won for first place and ‘best of show’ in porcelain/ceramic shows. Her home-based business allows her time for hobbies.

She has been a contributing writer to several trade publications related to the industry she works in.

In addition to Lizzie and Leopold, her other children’s books include Charlie’s Cukoo Little Choo-Choo; Cecil and Cedric, and the Crooked, Crickety Christmas Tree; Regis and Reggie; and Bonnie and Clyde.

To know more about author Patricia A. Gummeson and her works, you can check out her other books, or visit her website today.


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